Monday, November 06, 2017

Saladin Ahmed - Another Reason to Ditch Marvel

It's professional victim whoring pussies like these that ensure I don't bother seeing another Marvel movie, let alone pick up a comic book.


A Texan said...

These poop heads could find racism in a ham sandwich at this point.

I'm still waiting for them to say 24/7 electricity and potable water and expansive food inventories is cis-white patriarchal racist conspiracy.

'Reality' Doug said...

Actually, the complaint is itself valid. It actually is stereotypical against PC, which I find mildly shocking. The fact that SJW are ascendant and worse is not made so by the fact that the complaint was successfully made. I'm happy the truth is so reziliant in corporite Merica.

Black Poison Soul said...

I hadn't realized that he wrote for Marvel.

Glad to say that I have had zero interest in watching any of the recent Marvel movies. Looks like it'll stay that way.


D said...

Another Reason to Ditch Marvel: You are an adult man.

Anonymous said...

I ditched Marvel a long time ago when their fanboys (along with some DC fans and the comic book fandom) decided to launch a campaign of weaponized autism to hate on DC's films and never looked back.

But geek culture is full of immature crybabies, look at the tantrums thrown on the Internet when Suicide Squad won an Academy Award. It was funny to see a film get derided by crap by fanboys and critics to win an award and the meltdown was hilarious.

David Steward said...

Just listing one more reason to quit watching Marvel. It's never enough for the gaystapo. They just want more and more.

"‘Thor’s’ Valkyrie is Marvel’s first LGBT character. But you wouldn’t know it from the film."