Friday, November 03, 2017

How to Handle Politics, at the Dinner Table, With Family, Over the Holidays

You have ONE GOAL AND ONE GOAL ONLY over the holidays.


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Anonymous said...

I like how blacks never have family political arguments because they're 90% Democrat no matter what anyway. If only whites could be just like that, except first we have to argue and make sure everyone's voting Constitution Party, just to keep the record straight. And then everyone will be happy.


Anonymous said...

Make Mom happy, and your Dad's life easier - yep, that's right. Honor your parents by being a pleasant SOB.

Do the same whenever you are invited to dine at other people's homes - make your HOSTS happy. And bring a damn bottle of wine or dessert to show you are not an entitled mooch lacking basic manners and appreciation. As a bachelor, the times people have had me to their home for family dinners are golden - a home cooked meal Oh My! That's good stuff and you want to maximize your chances of being invited back.

Anonymous said...

It's OK to be white.

Dave S. said...

This Asshole Consulting Video should be mandatory viewing for anyone before a family gathering.
Sidenote: I really enjoy Clarey's theatrics and passion! HAhHaaHa Awesome video!

Albert said...

More precisely, Anonymous, we need the Democrats to self-destruct, and then let the Rinos ride the Republican party into oblivion, so that the Constitutionalists and the Minarchists can get into fierce - but intelligent! - debates about scope and policy of government.

Anonymous said...

as much as i agree with you, one problem arises. if your beliefs, lack of said, political and economic leanings, sex life, whatever are already known; you become a target for much rudeness. no matter how nice, open and respectful you are, including stooping to the level of bullshitting; you are guaranteed a long and insulting, perhaps embarrassing day and evening. if there is a lot of NPD in the family, you will regret showing up. only choice in this situation is to what degree of separation you live including the holidays. this can also happen when the families of significant others know about you. this is usually cause for reevaluation of the relationship.

Tucanae Services said...

Best advise yet. What's sad is that you even had to mention it, cuz back when I was a young punk 'you knew' come holiday family time it was --

* Be nice.
* Keep your trap shut.
* No politics.
* Know that the Ole Man could still beat the living crap out of you if you didn't.

David Reynolds said...

Want to know how one can be a rock star at your next holiday family get together?

Whenever someone brings up politics as the subject of conversation, change the subject by regaling everyone at the dinner table of stories of what you did all year and the places you went and see. If need to be, prepare a CD/DVD of pictures and videos to back your stories up.

Not only do you keep the subject of politics from being discussed and you become the most interesting person at your family get-together, you also subtly make the person who insist on bringing politics up as someone who has no life.