Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Remember that Equifax Breach?

Since (basically) half of Americans were exposed, here's what you do.


Faithless Cynic said...

Cannot get the link to work. I froze all three credit bureaus about three years ago. I got a letter from EquiFUX that the fraudsters probably have my name, All addresses, DOB, social, employers, and drivers license number. Gee thanks EquiFUX. I plan to file a police report and place a 7 year fraud warning on all three credit bureaus. That will make me as fraud proof as possible.

Tucanae Services said...

Do?! Their charter to do business should be revoked. The assets sold off. The proceeds be held in trust to resolve end game damage to those afflicted.

Not my usual expectation for wrongful acts but the Equifax breach was such an egregious violation of public trust a signal has to be sent, you don't do business this way.