Monday, November 20, 2017

Why SJW Women are So Happy

Remember the "Life of Julia?"
Where the government took care of every need and want of a woman from cradle to grave?

Yeah, they never tell you about the mental price you pay when you bow down at the altar of socialism.


Tucanae Services said...

"Yeah, they never tell you about the mental price you pay when you bow down at the altar of socialism. "

Lets carry that idea forward a little shall we? The question is does the govt really provide a 'Life of Julia'?

Julia gets educated K-12. Well actually the homeowners paid for that not the govt. Julia goes to college on student loans. It is a govt mgt program, but ultimately Julia has to pay it back. Julia can't get a job, so she applies for welfare. NOW she is on the dole, her wants covered. But that is only good for XX months. One way Julia could remain on the dole is get pregnant and file for WIC/child support/dependent children stipends/etc. Well so goes 'my body, my rules' she has been taught. She can play that out for the next 30 years if she paces her reproductive actions. At the end she apply for social security.

If anything this sounds more like the German Lebensborn. Nice life Julia.

Anonymous said...

Walmart is hiring.

Robert What? said...

Could it have anything to do with the fact that she's not funny?

David Reynolds said...

If Kathy Griffin is capable of critical thinking and is cognizant of her surroundings, she would know first hand that libertarians and conservatives are truly the nicest people in the country.

Anybody else that would have done what Kathy Griffin did with an Obama head in effigy would be fearing for their life and have to go into hiding. Being able to have a Hollywood career would be a very distant memory.

Tom de Plume said...

I like how she dismisses the idea of going back to work in the comedy clubs.

Un Americano said...

She said people want her to go back into clubs to do standup, but she's not going to do that.

Why not?