Tuesday, January 30, 2018

How American Women's Lives are Destroyed

Sadly, by their own hand usually:

And it can all be stopped tomorrow if every young girl was forced to read Worthless.


Anonymous said...

What's sadder than a useless degree?

Being proud of it. I got an email from a charity about something, and the lady's name was appended with MLIS. MLIS? Wut? What skills were learned earning that degree.

Master of Library Science. Working PT at a charity, not a library.

Anonymous said...

Sad thing is, this isn't even remotely uncommon-- it's the norm! Women make these retarded decisions because they're not allowed to fail. As bad as this woman screwed up her life, all the manjawed loser needs to do is pop out a couple more kids with any willing dick she can find and she will be totally secure in life.

And then she'll spend the next fifty years voting to steal money from people who weren't total fuck-ups.

jabrwok said...

I have an MLIS. It's kind of a joke degree. One has to work hard to get less than a "B". Creeping credentialism: "You have to have a Master's Degree to be a librarian, so we should be paid more!".

At least I actually AM a librarian, but everything I do could've been taught in a Bachelor's program, or even an Associate's.

David Reynolds said...

Someone who major in a liberal arts is nothing more than a highly educated unskilled laborer.

TD said...

The Washington Compost is supposed to be a pre-eminent institution that you are supposed to believe over your lying eyes. Considering the readership, we are supposed to be agitating for free college and debt forgiveness. But for the the grace of the Leviathan, there I go.

Windy Wilson said...

Back in some golden age, it meant you could write and speak persuasively, and knew some history. I suspect that’s a myth and most just knew what clothes to buy, what accent to affect, and upper class table manners.