Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The Ineffectiveness of Nagging

Really, no kidding?  You don't say!

I distinctly remember a woman (who shall go unnamed) tell me

"Yeah, I used to nag, but it doesn't work."

Which told me

"OK, so you women KNOW what you are doing when you nag and it isn't just some 'thing women do unconsciously?!"

I think a new slogan for a PSA announcement might work -

"Nagging - It Gives You Permission to Cheat on Your Wife!  THe More You Know!"

Methinks that would bring an abrupt end to nagging.


Anonymous said...

When my wife nags I just tune her out. She knows that shit won't work with me, but just can't help it. I've never given in to this ploy and don't plan on changing.

Robert said...

Ha! You think you can nag naggers into not nagging!? I smell a contradiction.

Chris P said...

My wife knows nagging doesn't work so she doesn't do it much more than her instincts seem to demand.

Sometimes I ask her to nag me later about something as a reminder.

Hen pecked said...

Like the saying goes, "There is no reason to badger him every six months, he heard you the first time and will get to it."

I used to have a list of things to do on the basement door, (The Honey-do List) and every time she would mention something on it, even though she could see me working my way through it, I would put a "mark" next to it - that meant that it was moved to the bottom of the list and would be worked on after everything "above" it was finished. So the more she badgered me, the longer it took for it to get done.

Eventually, they learn... It was either that, or get her a shock collar and train her with some negative reinforcement... I was sorely tempted to get her a shock collar...

Captain Capitalism said...

I got it down to a mere raising of one eye brow.

Captain Capitalism said...

Just simply saying "no" works.

They can't physically make us do it. AND they could always change the oil, paint the house, etc. on their own if they want to.

Eric Mueller said...

My ex-wife's nagging was especially annoying, because she'd wait until precisely the moment when it was impossible to act on the nag to start tearing me down.

Like waiting until we were in the car on the way to church on Sunday to start a 30 minute nag over something that can only be done during the week during business hours.

Or waiting until we were on our way out on a vacation to nag me about something she wanted done on the yard or around the house.

She's the one who wanted the divorce, but as these memories come flowing back, more and more I think it was a great idea.

Phil Galt said...

My Mother had a black-belt in nagging. But even the best can get sloppy, and that's where I got my first hint of the blue-pill.

Mom: Your jacket stinks. It needs to go to the cleaners!
Me: No problem. When does the next load go out?
Mom: It went out this morning!

That is when I realized that nagging wasn't about getting something done. Nagging is simply an unhappy woman's attempt to make everyone around her as unhappy as she is.