Wednesday, July 10, 2013

You Assume People Have Jobs

I like watching the discussion on interest rates because it is somewhat moot when nobody has jobs and younger people are saddled with student debts.  I also find it an academic discussion because banks will only loan to picture perfect people with real jobs and none of you self-employed types or those of you who want to buy rental property.  You must fit into the slot the government has made and if you don't, well then those interest rates may as well be 0%.

Remember kids, home ownership and the American dream isn't for you.  It's only for older people and good little corporate cogs who did what they were told.


Unknown said...

I honestly can't get too heartbroken over the plight of the suckers who bought into the worthless degree con. What can you do for people too dumb to add up the costs of four years of college and compare the debt thereby incurred to the prospects of earning enough to pay it off with the jobs compatible with their education?

Education was far cheaper and jobs were vastly easier to get when my generation came up, but, smart as they tell me they are, the Gen X, Gen Y, and Millenials never managed to notice that the world had changed.

And then along comes Obama and they swallowed his Hopey Changey hogwash as well. They whooped and voted for the guy who is opening the borders to hungry immigrants who will compete viciously for the menial jobs that are still available and suck up more of the welfare money that the governments spend but don't have. Oh, and he made sure they will have to buy medical insurance that they may not need or want at rates that subsidize older, sicker people.

Good luck, geniuses.

Eric Mueller said...

I'm starting to think the "American Dream" is expatriation.

I was walking with two friends yesterday past a car with an Obammesiah bumper sticker. One commented on how those stickers make him want to break windows.

I said I'm past that. Those stickers make me want to "go Galt" and leave those people living in the world they think they value.