Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The Manosphere as a Subsitute for a Father

A well-thought out, though crass, podcast that addresses the issue of how young boys today have to resort to the internet for advice and guidance on being and becoming men.  Other topics as well, but that was the main one.

The archive for the podcast is located here.  Yes, I have a podcast.  Yes, as indicated by the image off to your right.

Fair warning, the quality is off.  But the content is very good.


Bob Wallace said...

I've pointed this out before. Feminism is mythologically the Terrible Mother. Some of the Manosphere is the Terrible Father. In other ways it is the Good Father, i.e. it takes the place of a real father. If these guys had fathers who actually imparted their knowledge to their sons, the Manosphere would be a fraction of its size.

And it does not help when cads (the Terrible Father) have popular sites where they impart their "wisdom" about all women being gold-digging sluts and whores who are incapable of love. I pity the guys who believe these things and then rationalize beliefs and attack those who disagree with them. In the long run they are only harming themselves.

Bawz said...


While you're spot on about not letting some of the Manosphere jargon jade you in order to lead the healthiest life possible, the general idea of dispelling NAWALT is decidedly for the better for young men.

One of the key tenants of the liberalization of the West is the notion "we are all the same/equal" and the comorbid denial of inherent psychological and biological differences between races/genders. The integral component in the generalized "wisdom" you speak of isn't the animosity-charged condemnation of females in their entirety but rather the clearing of the air about what some of the fundamental motivators of the opposite sex are.
[IE that many are concerned with long-term provisioning capacity ("gold-digging") and are capable of having dichotomies and inconsistencies in their pursuit of partners ("whores") far more the uninitiated male might believe.]

For young men subjected to a sexual marketplace wherein the chips are decidedly stacked against them, the capacity to call a spade a spade readily is infinitely more valuable than the inverse of said "wisdom".
Indeed, it is hard for the Manosphere to be the "Terrible Father"; any advice for men compiled on field experience and loose science will still prove more valuable than the null hypothesis, that the current mechanisms of thought from the "Terrible Mother" and her husband, the State, are sufficient.

The key is to read critically and to take some of the sensationalist aspects of said writings with a grain of salt.

Matt Forney said...

RE: the people asking you about Top Shelf on Kindle, the reason for that is possibly because the Kindle edition of Top Shelf isn't cross-linked with the paperback version like Worthless and Enjoy the Decline are (if you go to either of those books' pages on Amazon, you'll see a link to the Kindle version and vice versa).

I've had trouble with Amazon on this front before; emailing KDP technical support got the problem fixed. At the very least, I've never had anyone bug me about whether my books are available on Kindle.

dannyfrom504 said...

one of the greatest things about blogging is when i get the occasional email thanking me for having a site and mentioning my being a"positive male role model" that they never had IRL.

handbanana said...

naturally. I grew up without a dad, and my mom certainly managed to fuck up parenting 101 for my entire life.