Friday, July 19, 2013

What Did I Tell You About Working Security???

From our Security Guard Agent in the Field:

Mr. Clarey,

I wanted to thank you for your recommendation of night watchman as a stress free job opportunity that offers plenty of time for personal growth. I secured a position as one following your posts on the subject and it's been exactly as I anticipated. I also have good reason believe I have delayed sleep phase disorder, so in many ways it's been the best job I've ever had. Staying up to 6 am is completely natural for me.

I've seen more improvement in my abilities as a sketch artist and linguist than ever. There are literally no responsibilities to the position aside from touching a wand to a dot every hour. While it doesn't pay a living wage precisely, I have made some good investments in the past and expect to in the future.



I'll say it till the day I die:

"Security is security."

Carry on lieutenants!


Spike said...

Bah. I got a security job just before that post. No books, no computers, no phones... just sit there and smile for eight to twelve hours.

Not all security guard jobs are created equal.

Anonymous said...

Patrick 1 : Spike 0

Anonymous said...

Just don't get a security job post at a residential place. It's horrible--the people act like you're a butler.

I have a security job at a office building (until I graduate in December) and most of the shifts are very relaxed. Saturday, 8am-1pm, I just read. During weekdays, 3pm-11pm is basically just sitting.

Biggest challenge is to not get fat! Though I'd never do this for a living after I have my degree... even the armed guards only make $16 an hour or so, and local cops make a good bit more than that, with small town PD.

Spike said...

I should clarify: I'm actually guarding against the employees stealing, so one could say its 'internally focused' security. We have metal detectors and so forth... for when people leave.

Anonymous said...

Not all security jobs are equal - is absolutely correct. But if you get one of the decent ones it can be exactly as the Capn described. Also, night shift can be very good for some people. A friend lost 40 lbs switching over the straight nights. Very little change in diet/exercise. Just less stress. And if you are using the time for other pursuits the pay is just icing on the cake. 12 hour shifts have the definite advantage of time off. If you are working 8 hours you already have lost most of your free time that day (taking commutes into account as well as preparation for work). Why not work 12? You can get an extra day off and still pull 8 hours of overtime. If you have to work five days it is rough (been there, done that...sometimes more) but all of that is OT. If you make $12 an hour, on a basic 48 hr week 8 hrs of that is at $18. Any additional are likewise at time+half.

There are times I appreciate my office drone schedule. At others, I miss the night shift at the bank.