Sunday, July 28, 2013

There Is No Debate About Women With Short Hair, Just A Lot of Short Haired Women Who Are Wrong

From our hairdressing agent in the field.

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Pax Empyrean said...

The title of this post really hits the nail on the head.

Whenever a woman asks for opinions on cutting her hair, it is either unanimous or close to it among men that she should not do so. Women are more split on the matter.

Women really don't know what is attractive to men, and looking at the difference in opinions on hair length is the best way to prove it.

Anonymous said...

I have this theory going that when women cut their hair short it is the female version of letting themselves go...akin to men developing a beer gut. It basically says you don't view yourself as a sexual being anymore.

Swithunus said...

This must be a fair and balanced viewpoint...why?

because I agree with it


Aynsley said...

I was told to chop mine off at work, since it was long enough to be a fire hazard.

ooh er! said...

'Mum hair' actually designed to ward off men

MIDDLE-AGED mothers get that ‘interesting’ short haircut so men will leave them alone, it has emerged.

Anonymous said...

Had the talk with my niece who complained that no hot guys chased her. Told her that she looked like Harry Potter and just what kind of "men" are interested in Harry Potter. She hufflepuffed off very mad, but her recent FB pic shows she might have heard my words.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you know that the Daily Mash is England's Onion News Source...

Anonymous said...

My daughter used to have hair that she cut, not when she sat on it, but when she walked on it. She sometimes forgets and it gets half way down her back, then she tells the beautician to cut if for cancer kids. The beauty shops all have the free mailer and instructions. That hair is made into wigs for cancer kids who lose all their hair.

She had it cut when she was 18, and her mom stood their crying her eyes out.

On that link, the comments referred to women who change when other women give them good advice, instead of trying to sabotage them.

I remember an event. It was pre-1952, but other than that I am not sure when.

My farm family was "butchering", which meant the neighbors all came in. The men killed hogs and at least one cow. Then, they cut it up, put it in barrels with salt, and so forth.

The women worked at rendering out hog fat to make lard and cracklings (the part of hog fat that cooks into a delicious meat not unlike bacon.)

Being a small boy, I was with the women. One of the women made a comment, negative about her husband. An older woman got on her case. She said that man works as hard as he can for you and the kids, and does what he is supposed to do. (With more experience, I assume she meant he was faithful and not a drunk.) And, basically told her not to bad talk her own husband.

So, why do I remember that after over 60 years? Because that was the last time I ever personally heard a woman tell another woman in the USA to STFU and not trash-talk her own husband.

In Mexico, it is not uncommon. Some years ago, my wife came to Mexico alone for her two week vacation, while I stayed in the States with the two kids.

When she came back, she admitted she had a bad time. She and her sister were in the kitchen drinking coffee, and she said something negative about me. I note she would not tell me what it was she said.

Her sister went all hostile on her. She said look at all you have, nice house. My kids have visited you and on the weekends he gets up and cooks for the kids so you can sleep late. He lets you come here by yourself, and you always have money. Your own daughter tells us what a great dad he is. And, yet, you find fault with him over trivial things we women in Mexico would not even notice, the way our men treat us.

They got so angry they didn't talk for one week of the two week visit. My wife never again said anything bad about me in Mexico in front of other people. When we are with others, I can see the pressure building, until we go to our room. Heh, heh.

Women in Mexico do tell other women to STFU about their husbands if he is a reasonably good man. So, this is indeed a cultural thing.

Anonymous age 71

Oh, another thought. Someone once said on a blog when a Hispanic women divorces her North American husband, there is a good chance his next wife will be one of her friends. That the Hispanic women will move in quick when a good man is dumped without reason by one of their own friends.

That is exactly where my present wife of 38 years came from. Long story. I didn't realize this was also a cultural thing.

Peregrine John said...

Funny how hyperbole hops in almost instantly on this topic. It's like there's nothing between a bob and hair long enough to sit on. No one told anyone that waist-length hair was required for femininity. But if it doesn't touch your shoulders, you're damaging your own brand, and no amount of rationalizing is going to change it.

'Course, they probably know that already, which is why they have to resort to absurd exaggeration.

Anonymous said...

For the sake of argument, short hair does work on SOME women. It's highly dependent on their facial features (the article refers to them as 'elven', I'd point to the type of fit/slender/sporty actresses who are used to play sexy tough girl soldier chicks).

But by default, I'd rather run my hands through silky tresses that hang down to her ass.

Peregrine John said...

Oh, sure. It can work on some women, and vastly fewer than regularly have it, but I can't recall a single case in which it actually is better than hair to the shoulder blades or more. Not a one.

Heroditus Huxley said...

The only times I've recently cut my hair was when I had babies with acid reflux throwing up in it. And my husband prefers it short to wound up in a knot. All he cares about is color--which I try to keep up with.

Anonymous said...

Yes but the preference for long hair is fairly recent and cultural - Probably Farrah responsible. Marilyn , Eva, Diana, Jackie, Halle... Outstanding natural beauties no doubt. Long hair for long hair sake isn't always best, esp when all it is is tresses lying limply either side of the face or worse making an older long drawn face appear even more worn (SJP). Thick and full yes. Flat and stringy unappealing.