Wednesday, November 05, 2014

American Bachelors' Financial Legacy Problem

Friend #1.

Multi-millionaire, 52 years old, drives a POS import like I do.  Maybe spends $200 a week on social activities.  Gets his clothes from goodwill or the veterans store.  His only goal in life is to enjoy coffee with his older friends while teaching himself French and Mandarin on the internet.

Friend #2.

My pilot buddy you are all familiar with.  Probably worth a couple million.  43 years old, no wife, no kids, and is completely dedicated to his company.  Mentioned something about a family...maybe...probably not...but he's more obsessed about cigars and buying a boat that a wife or rugrats.

Friend #3

Senior pilot who makes over six figures and consults on the side in the aviation world.  No wife, no children, 46 and just hits the gym while traveling the world on his perks.  Owns a nice house in a fine suburb, obsesses over his cash flow even though he is in better financial shape than most any one I know.

Which leads me to my observation.

With more and more men refusing to marry and breed, there is a permanent "Bachelor Class" forming.  However, an interesting aspect of this "Bachelor Class" is that they are without a doubt the most "wealth forming" class in the world.

They have no children.
They have no wives.
They have no divorce.
They have no alimony.
They all make damn good money
and with all that free time
Are pursuing entrepreneurial ventures

And alas, all those variables and traits mean...

They have a ton of cash.

I am not rich by any means, but even with my meager earnings, the fact I have no children or wife means I at least have SOME savings.  Pro-rate that into the future and when I die, heirless, there will still be some significant funds to be bequeathed.

Thus, while everybody is focused on paying off their student loans, getting out from underneath their mortgage, finally closing their alimony, etc. etc.,  there is this "elite" and "numerous" bachelor class that I (conservatively) estimate will have easily $4 trillion in wealth when they die to pass on.

So who, precisely, will inherit it?

Well, that depends.

I personally plan to split my "estate" between my girlfriend who has treated me kindly and a little varmint like creature that has endeared me to her childish antics.

My millionaire real estate friend is so indifferent and complacent he intends to let it fall to the state.

My pilot buddy hasn't thought that far, but that's the whole point...

You bachelors need to think about what you're going to do with the wealth you've obviously built beyond what you can consume.

This is one of those rare problems you "wish you had," but still, your decision today on how to bequeath that money will have an affect on a world that will be after your death.  Ergo, any moral man will want to make the right decision, ensuring his life-time-currency would be put to the most noble use.  Do you donate it to the local "pink ribbon campaign" that has yet to solve...anything?  Do you donate it to the local food shelf to feed people too incompetent to support themselves?  How about your alma mater that will brainwash the youth on rape culture and socialism?  Or do you donate it to some third world African country charity that has never yet solved one problem on that continent?

The answer is very simple.

Give it to close, loved ones you genuinely cherished in life or

burn it.

I don't know about you, but there are very few people that deserve my money, let alone the excess money I've earned through the pain and agony I spent learning to earn such money.  And bar a GENUINE charity like St. Jude's Children's program, I'm going to give it to loved ones in my life who were noble, honest and true.  Since this is such a small list of people and said monies run the risk of spoiling them, that means there would still be a significant amount of money left over.  And with no obviously deserving heir to it, I will most likely burn it.

You must look at what you suffered as an American bachelor.  You're privileged because you're male.  You pay more in taxes for children that aren't yours.  You're accused on sexual harassment if you merely look at a girl.  And you're supposed to work all the hard, risky, dangerous and math-impaired jobs while the opposite number complains about a "wage gap."  It's not just the ungratefulness, but hypocrisy and parasitism of society that disqualifies them from deserving any of this $4 trillion so it's upon you (and all bachelors) to set up a will that ensues the money only goes to deserving people, leaving none for the society that viewed you as a personal financial slave and whipping boy.

It may sound wasteful and insane, and certainly you could find enough deserving people of your post-mortem estate.  But if it comes to it I'd rather have my money burn than give it to some welfare WIC receiving single mom of 4 who thinks she's entitled to 4 decades worth of my toiling.  You must also consider your future finances as such.

Aaron Clarey is a mean bachelor who has the gall to spend all of his money on him.  He thinks just because he worked hard he deserves all of his money when it was purely white male privilege that got him where he is today.  He wrote really stupid books for men including "Bachelor Pad Economics," "Worthless" and "Enjoy the Decline," all patriarchal and math-based.   You can also listen to his hate filled, sexist, racist, bigoted podcast here or watch his politically incorrect youtube videos here.


Anonymous said...

Come to think of it there are not very many male based charities that I can donate too.

Sean Carnegie said...

Quick question: what if the only person you would bequeath anything to is roughly the same age? (sister) If/when one of us goes, the other is likely not too far behind. Neither of us has kids, neither likely to get married, I'm largely Galt/MGTOW. What little bit of "stuff" and money I have will have to go somewhere... And I'll be damned if the gov't gets it.

Anonymous said...

This is a persistent, nagging problem for me. I'm only 35, but I've already amassed a very considerable sum which continues to grow rapidly, enough to live off in perpetuity given my lifestyle.

Unfortunately, I can't really bare the thought of my raging bitch sisters or their rotten offspring inheriting it. I could leave it to valued friends (who don't really need it), but I still see that trickling down to people I despise as well.

The only solution I can come up with is to leave it to a foundation that supports hobbies or activities I find valuable. For instance, perhaps keeping some great classical literature in print, or subsidizing it, or something like that. I would like to do something that could aid or enable the intellectual development of any future men like myself.

While something like that might be acceptable, I'm not sure it exists. Finding and vetting such an enterprise is tedious and setting up one yourself is too onerous to be worth it. This lack of convenient or natural solutions to this problem causes me to keep putting it on the back burner.

Anonymous said...

Aaron you shouldn't burn your money. Instead you should make a treasure hunt book. So maybe one of your lucky readers can come across your treasure lol.

Anonymous said...

Now, this may be me sounding like a mooch - I have been enjoying the Decline for some time, but why not set it aside for a MGTOW trust to help people hit level 4 MGTOW.

All a Level 4 MGTOW needs is a room, the internet, some food and a library card. And that money could buy hug sections of real estate in small communities.

And if you need a first guinea pig, I know just the mooch -er, guy.

August said...

Peter Thiel started paying people not to go to college. Maybe ya'll should create a fund paying reasonably intelligent (and attractive) girls to get married and have children instead of wasting their most fertile years in college. Of course, like Peter, you are going to want a business plan out of the young couple, and insist they (she) have to pay it back if they ever divorce.
Yep, I know it's crazy, but I'd prefer to go to my grave thinking somebody is working with evolution again, rather than all this selecting for stupid that's been going on.

Tyler said...

Before having kids my plan was to set up a trust fund that would fund a feast and party in my honour... Every year On the anniversary of my death. All friends and family I have would be invited until the money ran out.

sth_txs said...

If had the left over wealth, I would consider the Mises Institute.

These guys stick it good to the statist on the right and left.

dannyfrom504 said...

and guess who's now looking for his 2-3 acres in the country. and living nicely off of retirement, disability, and money for going to school.

no wife- but NO shortage of women when i want one.
no kids
one dog
no job

living the fucking dream.

Dave said...

All charities and foundations are leftist by design, or become leftist after infiltration by social justice warriors. Not much the founders can do to stop this, being dead and all.

If you have a lot of cash and free time, hire a surrogate mother in a poor country (you did bank some spooge before the vasectomy, right?), and raise your child as a single dad. to the radio said...

I couldn't do what you do.
I'm hard wired to have had my kids.
When my granddad was fighting in the second world war I wonder if he could have countenanced a world where we would exist.
Don't think he did because the world he came from was a lot fucking harder than anything we ever did.
Growing up as the middle child in a family of ten kids in a hard scrabble city during the Depression he faced elbows and fists the likes that we've never seen.
And on this day when I've just put him in the ground just a month after his eighty ninth birthday I am particularly disgusted with you.
You've got no fucking clue what it is to be a man.
I'd volunteer for the army tomorrow if we were threatened.
And I'm old.
But, anything to keep my kids safe.
Sail along, you hedonistic fuckface.
Sail along.
I'm fucking tired of your whining.
You took a shithead degree in economics.
You were lied to.
Hence the book.
It might be time to do something worthwhile with your life.
Otherwise, you are just another liberal cunt complaining about how the system screwed you out of your life.
Fucking victim.
You might as well be a Democrat.

Captain Capitalism said...

Dance Dance,

My life was not as hard as your dads, but it was much harder than yours.

Now go cry and be angry on another blog.

leeholsen said...

i too, could retire today; because i can live very cheaply not having a wife and kids or exwife and alimony; and am quite comfortable if i dont get one; i've been put thru the blender enough to not jump back in one easily.
if i die alone, i'm giving to organizations that help vets, because our govt sure as hell isnt and christian organ. that help all over the world; even if it turns out they're pushing the world's greatest hoax; they still help more people than any other organizations.
and a possible post idea for the capt. you could break down what the taxes are for the average salary for a single person. be interesting to know just how much someone making 50K is paying each month for welfare people and to teach kids how to put condoms on cuccumbers.

Anonymous said...

There are so many open source projects that do important work and are vitally dependent on donations! Why not start there?

Or go to one of those kickstarter/fundraiser sites and help a project become reality!

There are so many good things you can do with a bit of creativity, don't let it go to waste!!!!!!!

Steamship Trooper said...

I am Quartermaster (Treasurer) of my local VFW. I have no wife, no kids, no debts, and no problems.

They get half of my estate, as long as they verify to the probate court that they 1) accepted the terms of an irrevocable trust (half cash in, spending limitations, etc), and 2) had a public bonfire, right out in front of everyone of my cash. I insist they invite select people to watch.

Either that or it's hookers and poker in Vegas until the money runs out, and Mr. Smith, Mr. Wesson, and I will have a confab.

Anonymous said...

Why not start a foundation that helps young people get funding to start businesses instead of going to college? One of the biggest challenges to starting a business is seed capital.

Anonymous said...

Oregon State University - on hard science researches. I mean, lots of invention come from universities research. So I guess they could use some cash on research.

Anonymous said...

I have a worthy charity option for you: Institute for Justice. They are a group of libertarian lawyers who do good work defending small business owners and entrepreneurs from excessive local regulation and licensing, and they defend victims of eminent domain abuse and civil forfeiture. They are the only charity I personally give to.

Anonymous said...

Sooner or later, I half expect a bachelor tax will be levied.

Anonymous said...

As you described with your friends (I am 45 years old) ... I to have been a Professional Pilot (after a tour in Nuclear Submarine Navy following College). I returned to Nuclear Power (Commercial not Navy, lol) as a licensed operator after 20+ years of flying professional. I make pretty good coin.

As a confirmed bachelor / red-pill man I have amassed a good deal of wealth. It was not hard really (i.e. get a job, keep a job and save your income). Living within your means is a must and using a sinking fund for all your large purchases made the difference. I learned my economy lessons from my grandparents (they owned and ran their own businesses).

Re: Women .. they have come and gone. I regret I paid them as much attention as I did now. Your article about MGTOW not being binary was right on the spot.

Re: What do you do with your “bachelor wealth” .. I developed a trust for a variety of investments and property's as well as a will. It will go to living brothers then extended family and lastly my charities.

My goal now is make retirement happen earlier and with more comfort. At least until they take it away from us responsible adults. I guess I could buy more physical precious metals. Until they outlaw that again too. Anyway, we’re being displaced by a foreign work force by our elites right now. We will be the minority (all Americans that is to say) very soon. So, the laws you see soon will reflect that transition. I expect nothing less from these Oligarchs. I wonder where I should move before the “sh!t hits the fan”? [rhetorical question really]


Anonymous said...

No wife, kids, debts. Lots of high earning.

That's what they say about gay guys too.

Ann said...

Hey Cappy, I can be your heir! I could be your older sister, or something. Deal? ;)

BCM said...

I second the treasure map idea. Imagine, the clues that lead to "Clarey's Bounty", buried somewhere in the American Midwest (or Northeast...or whereever)

Usagi Yojimbo said...

Good question.

IF (and that IF is getting less and less every day,) I find my idea of a perfect woman who will be faithful and able to raise children, I would have no problem leaving it to them.

Right now, I am helping those friends who are in need, need to get out from under a BPD woman, and enjoying myself. Not too much, though. They still need to show they are able to fight.

Otherwise, I am going to give it to charities that help men, and screw feminists out of money.

Sorry, women. You don't want me around when I was poor, I don't want you around when I'm rich and as you aged out of my range. (Still love that story of the 35-40something you met in a restaurant. One of my favorites.)

SM777 said...

How about the SPCA or the various animal rescue groups?

eldok said...

Doesn't matter if all that 4 trillion goes up in ashes... the government will just print more of this toilet paper fiat currency anyway.

Anonymous said...

If I were in your position, I would leave all the money to kids born with disabilities or kids who become disabled through no fault of their own. Money spent directly on health and services for the kids, not money to their parents.

My personal preference is Autistic spectrum or other medical conditions that afflict boys more than girls because these boys are totally helpless while society deesm that them to be "privileged".

Anonymous said...

Leave all your money to Project Prevention.

Anonymous said...

Wow. We should start a club. Ex-wife here, a ruined kid because of her and the court system. She screams for more of my money all the time, although she's independent and can do anything I can do.

Even given this hemmorhage of funds, I still do well. I have my choice of heirs/heiresses to include a pair of sisters who would poison me immediately if they knew what I have and a revolving door of "independent" girlfriends.

So...I'll never give another woman $100K because she's "Not happy."
My money goes into a trust fund to 1) bury me and 2)pay out monthly to my son, a church, and some charities.

LOVE this blog! Google brought me to this post.

Doktor Bösen said...

You may not have seen this -- it's only off-topic until I explain why it's on-topic:

BBC News --
"He only apologised because his job was in jeopardy":

This is about a male scientist working on the Rosetta lander project who wore a shirt that was about as tasteful as an Elvis velour print -- it could do with a bit of classing up, but it's within his right to wear it.

He's been made to apologise because his job was in jeopardy.

I present as a response to this kind of thing the kind of science I'd like to see instead, the kind of science that would unashamedly employ men bold enough to wear this kind of shirt without apology.

The future of science should not be left in the hands of the mediocre that Gasset described over eighty years ago in his book "The Revolt of the Masses".

It should be made bold in the hands of bold inventors again, and men bold enough to offer their assistance.

We need more fundraising projects to enable would-be Professor Moriarty-like people to start science with grand narratives of evil.

So with that I must ask: Mr Clarey, do you want a bonfire for your money ...


Mister Alighieri said...

I am sure the Captain would disagree, but I plan on spending every effing dime. Why? Because short of a handful of people, no one deserves the money I have earned. I would gladly give my Lieutenants some, even all of the money. But if they continue on their paths, there will be little need. So I figure short of one younger family member, I will just enjoy my money my way. I don't want to be in the nursing home with tons of cash and no ability to use it. I would much rather spend every dime on pleasures until I die. Otherwise someone else gets the time I put in to earn it for free. And only a few have ever earned enough of my favor to give them my time.


Mister Alighieri