Tuesday, November 25, 2014

There Is Nothing to Say About Ferguson

My time is finite and precious.  Therefore I don't waste it.

I've had several inquiries about my opinion about Ferguson and it basically boils down to the Alcoholics Prayer where "grant me the wisdom to know what I can and cannot change."  And Ferguson cannot be changed.

A thug was killed by a cop.

That thug happened to be black and the cop white.

The black community in Ferguson, programmed to hate and view everything in terms of race did not see it as one less criminal in their neighborhood, but an act of racism.  They viewed last night's verdict as additional proof to their oppression and went to the streets to protest, destroying their own neighborhood, looting things that weren't theirs, ensuring no serious employer or business ever sets up shop there again, further condemning themselves to a life of secondary citizenry.

My political analysis of this is


When something new or interesting happens, let me know.  Ferguson was entirely predictable, but more importantly, not solvable.  Ergo, I don't care how many thousands of hours of political coverage and analysis ensues, not one minute of it will be anything new or productive.  You might as well be watching Maury Povich or Jerry Springer.  Matter of fact, my little piece here is about the only thing you really need to read about Ferguson.

So I recommend you view Ferguson like I do - your life is too short and too valuable to waste a second on it.  Do something else instead like watching a good documentary, spending time with your family, learning a new skill or teaching yourself how to enjoy the decline.


Glen Filthie said...

"The black community in Ferguson, programmed to hate and view everything in terms of race did not see it as one less criminal in their neighborhood..."

I used to think like that, back when I was younger.
Aaron, you are seeing younger men indoctrinated with feminism and socialism and you see it for what it is. Now it's YOUR turn.

They saw this as an opportunity to steal, and to destroy. Stop making excuses for them. Turn it around: would YOU go out and burn and destroy the property of your neighbours if you were in their shoes? No. Would you loot and steal from your neighbours if the lights went out and the cops were overwhelmed? No. Would you allow yourself to be 'programmed by race whores'? No - so why are you letting politically correct liberal wanks program you?

The laziest, most violent, most unproductive 13% of the population is also black. Coincidence? Sure - now pull my other finger...it has bells on it.

Omega Man said...

And yet when a Black leader does attempt to change that mentality he is vilified for it.

Look at Bill Cosby. The guy slept with a bunch of women, dumped them and now is being vilified as a rapist - 30+ years after the fact.

The left is evil. Their belief that good intentions are enough, is countered by that old bit of folk wisdom that "the road to HELL is paved with Good Intentions"

mhowell said...

You are right, Cappy. The folks who say poverty causes crime have it exactly wrong. Crime causes poverty. Investors don't want to invest, shoppers don't want to shop, and decent people don't want to live in areas where thugs rule uncontested.

Peregrine John said...

Meh. Orcish hordes gonna rampage. The decent folk stayed home. Predictable as rain on Mt. Waialeale.

Anonymous said...

The grocery store owner who was attacked got his store looted during the riots, so the owner got shafted by this situation twice.

Then people always ask "How come there are no good stores or businesses in the ghetto?" Could it be that the people there drive them all away? Walk by a ghetto in Baltimore, all you see is rent signs. Why open a store to service a neighborhood, that is going to rob you, loot you, and maybe even kill you?

Legion said...

I have to disagree Captain. I was on ace of Spades and they had leads to 2 videos: one is a CNN getting doused with tear gas and a second one with a different CNN reporter getting hit in the head with a rock.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with you, Cappy. Black people are treated like less than human. The police officers killed someone one who was walking away. I feel like Trayvon Martin showed us(Black males) that we have no rights. He was unarmed with iced tea and skittles and was attacked my Zimmerman. Even if you believe Zimmerman was scared why did you follow him? The police officer could have used to a taser and accomplished the same result but they chose to shoot him at 15 feet.

Anonymous said...

"your life is too short and too valuable to waste a second on it."

My life is short, but is it really that valuable ? Come on, be honest.

There are 7 Billion 300 Million human beings on earth and every day 200,000 people are born.

If I was a pixel on a typical laptop screen, it would take 7,300 screens to be certain that I would be in one of them.

Once you're dead, you don't know that you're dead. You cannot lose yourself because you are no longer there to not have you.

No, life is not precious at all, at all, at all.

It is short but absolutely not precious. Neither my life nor your life are of any worth whatsoever.

Come on, be honest. Stop with the fake morality.

Anonymous said...

1950's segregation might not have been a bad idea after all.

They should hire tall, muscular and BLACK cops to police the blacks and stop sending whites in the black community.

That way, black thugs would already have more respect for the police because the police would be tall, muscular and BLACK.

The police would also not have to use their gun every time because they would have the BRAWN to tackle the thugs.

To send a shorty white hiding behind his gun to tackle the blacks was just asking for trouble.

There are enough tall and muscular black men looking for a job in the USA to fill all the necessary black cop positions to police black communities and send the white cops in white communities.

The multicultural mentality doesn't work.

Blacks couldn't have riotted if it was another black that tackled the problem.

The thing is that Michael Brown would not have charged a black man his own size.

Black and white are like hot and cold air, they don't mix without a storm.

just some guy said...

I notice Brown's step father spoke up.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Ferguson should go the way of Times Beach. It should be permanently evacuated as it is no longer inhabitable and is so tainted as to be unredeemable.
Whereas Times Beach was contaminated by toxic chemicals, Ferguson is contaminated by a toxic social environment.

Anonymous said...

I haven't followed the Ferguson saga closely, but as a black man, my greatest shame is that whenever we riot we always destroy our own neighborhoods.

If we must riot, I wish we had the good sense and/or courage to destroy your neighborhoods. No offense.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

What if one lives in a mixed-race neighborhood?
Or a low-income apartment building housing residences of different races and ancestries?
Where do you riot then?