Thursday, November 27, 2014

Round House Kicking Chick Cop Show!

Writing books during security
Leadership comes from those who have nothing left to lose
Crossfit is a cult
"Clit lit" and "Clit flicks"
A woman author divorces her husband for a fictional character she created
Cappy's drug addiction to "progressive adventure" and how it will ruin him.

and MORE

in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!


Jamie NZ said...

The law of substitution Cap,
I heard this theory once that we all got a black-hole in us,
and it's gotta be filled with something...

My personal favourite, getting strung out on the dope for years on end,

And Physical Training...

Alex from Australia said...

I'm just gonna come out and say it. I loath your curse-free podcasts. Whilst it doesn't reduce the content of the show, it does take out a significant chunk of your character and hence the quality is lowered. Its like someone has your nuts in a binder and you desperately want to get free of that grip, but you can't. Just my 2c.

Jamie NZ said...

That was one ripper of a podcast too Cap

Anonymous said...

Crossfit is not a cult. Theres a lot of cool people there if you are at the right box. Theres an atomosphere of community (which you clearly want) the lower tier-mid tier girls are hot, and all know how to cook good food. Plus they wont put up with beta antics.

The girls probably squat more than you too; just sayin. Sure some of them are manly girls, but theres a lot of feminine girls there too.

Any organized spectator sport is a cult anyway.