Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Feminism Thrives on the Absolute Value of Attention

It is now a daily event, if not twice a day event, I get an e-mail about the latest antics of feminism and female leftists. It is so common and so bizarre that not only am I no longer shocked, but I come to expect it.  I also tire of writing about it because it's as if you're getting bum rushed with a tidal wave of non-stop, never-ending, feminist crazy and hate.  Merely pointing it out and citing it as an example of just how evil and damaging these people are seemingly does nothing to stop them, let alone raise the country's awareness to this genuine and real cancer in society.

Because of this I've eschewed highlighting the latest "crazy feminist" and dedicated my time to more productive things.  However, as my brain is wont to do, I looked past the crazy and finally figured out what is driving it.  And it is the female desire for attention.

Take a look at the latest or more common "antics" of feminism.

There's your standard slut walks.
There's the obsession with creating new genders
There's Lena Dunham's child molestation which feminists have the gall to defend.
And let's not forget the "zaniest" antic yet, menstrual painting.

Any sane person who can remove him/herself from the political horseblinders, step back and look at these things will accurately and truthfully assess these things for what they are - a mental illness. 

These are not sane women "expressing their opinion," or "liberating themselves."  They are mentally damaged individuals that need (but are perhaps beyond) help.  The only reason they get away with it is they hide behind "feminism" and people's fear if they criticize them they'll be accused of (GASP!) sexism.  And so society must tolerate this scourge on itself. 

However, if we look under the hood we see what's really going on. 

Women, feminist or not, are driven primarily by one thing - attention.  Attention from society so that it may secure them social acceptance and security within society as well as the resources from a male provider.

Mentally healthy women do this by being good at socializing, perhaps pursuing a career in a legitimate field, but when it comes to finance and romance, they secure a husband by being as pretty as possible, staying in shape, and using their beauty.  This take effort and hard work.

Working out
Being attentive to her husband
Offering something of value to anybody who would court/marry/interact with her

They know it's an exchange and if they're to succeed in life, they will have to work at it, offering something of value that is in demand.

However, mentally UNHEALTHY women fail to do this.  They do not want to put in the effort to be beautiful, attractive, productive or just generally offering something of value to society.  They are narcissists believing they are entitled to the same standards of living and success as their mentally healthy, harder-working counterparts.  And this goes a long way explaining why:

Feminists tend to be ugly
Feminists tend to be angry
Feminists (despite their claim of independence) invariably demand some form of government support or charity

They are just too damn lazy to work out, work hard, let alone be altruistic enough to think about what other people want.

Now, the problem facing feminists, despite their demands (and relative success in getting) for government money, is that society, especially men just refuse to go along.  Yes, the government can tax me, but I don't have to hire you and your worthless Gender Studies Degree.  Yes, the government can make me pay for your fatherless child's school lunch, but it can't make me date you.  And so while they may receive a government check, that is all they get.  The rest of society rejects them.

The problem for feminists is that deep down inside, no matter what they tell themselves and how many mind-warping classes they take, they're still women.  And women are genetically programmed to live off of attention.  And since society is not giving them any "good attention" (in the form of men being attracted to them, being invited to clubs, getting job offers in real careers, etc.) they have to go and get "bad attention."  And thus their insane, mentally-ill antics.

In being so outlandish with their demands, actions, behaviors and antics, they automatically beget attention from society.  Of course it's not of a healthy or good variety - it's disgust and revulsion.  But at least it's attention.  Add to it the fact this attention is critical of their antics, it plays directly into their deluded world of being "oppressed" and "patriarchy," giving credit and agency to their one and only thing they have in life - their religion, feminism.  But no matter what elaborate mental acrobatics they execute, let us be clear what all this is - nothing but attention whoring.

This leads me to the final conclusion of my little epiphany:

What if we were to just not pay any attention to the latest disgusting, "cutting-edge" attention-whoring gimmick feminists come up with next?  Instead of ROK, and Uncle Bern linking to or talking about some idiot article at XO Jane or Salon we just talked philosophy instead?  Instead of me linking to another spoiled, delusional 25 year old Manhattan nepotist daughter feminist writing for NBC, I just threw up some economic charts instead?  What if we just took out all the oxygen in the room and deprived these feminists of the attention they so desperately desire?

No doubt this is impossible as in a country of 300 million "menstrual painting" is going to prove too tempting to resist criticizing for 275 million.  But my larger point is one of accurately identifying the problem so that we may find an effective solution.  Shaming them only fans their flames and allows them to self-rationalize being a "victim."  Ignoring them, however, deprives them of the only interaction they get from the rest of the sane, healthy, and happy world.  Leaving them with a government check and each other to squander their lives on.


kurt9 said...

Wow! This is quite a mouthful:


They might as well use very letter in the alphabet, then the arithmetic symbols.

Do these people really expect to be taken seriously with this stuff?

Rocko N. Freeman said...

"i recently started collecting the blood in a big jar, so i can do i big painting (or a series of little ones). HOWEVER, it's been a month since i started. And since i started a new cycle today, i opened the jar to add more... and it smelled SO, SO BAD. I mean, it was horrendous. The smell filled my room within a few seconds. I was wondering if this was normal? Or is it because i used a jar that formerly contained chopped garlic? That would make a lot of sense to me. "

Dear god, I'm glad none of her roommates tried making pizza that month...
I believe Kurt Cobain maybe a painting containing large quantities of semen.

Peregrine John said...

'Course, part of why it smelled so horrifying is that it's only partly blood. Stupid feckers haven't a clue even about their own bodies.

Glen Filthie said...

You need to heed your elders in general Captain, and Unca Bob in particular.

He posits (and I agree) that women are socialists and fascists by nature - and that in turn is driven by a childishly naïve intellect. This was a well known and accepted fact which is why, prior to the turn of the last century - women were not allowed to vote.

If you started "painting" with your own excrement and bodily fluids we would wrap you up in a straightjacket and cart you off to the loony bin. Yet we smile indulgently and politely patronize women that do it and take care to smirk and chuckle behind our hands. We know they're childish and foolish, they know it and yet we maintain this fiction that women are as intelligent and capable as men.

To be honest I am bored with crazy, feral women too. When I encounter them I don't engage with them or interact with them - I make a polite detour. If they force a confrontation I give too them with both barrels and no apologies. Yes, ladies, we know you're f***ed. Good for you - now if you'll excuse me, I have better things to do.

Albert said...

The most apt abbreviation of the LGBTOIF . . . DSOMGHALK . . . DSHWTFBBQ types is TMInority.

SM777 said...

"And so while they may receive a government check..."
I wonder how long those feminazi antics will last when those fedgov welfare checks run out. Think "Detroit Pension".

SM777 said...

"And so while they may receive a government check..."
I wonder how long those feminazi antics will last when those fedgov welfare checks run out. Think "Detroit Pension".

Anonymous said...

Isolation is worse than humiliation. Not a bad idea at all.

melmoth said...

Yeah, it's attention and there is also some element in them of simply having brains that have no wiring at all for;

-self-hatred (I know they have that cool, SJW sense of white self-hatred but not the real kind, where you just think 'Damnit I'm re-doing everything about myself')

They simply don't have the actual brain cells there, the neurons, neurotransmitters etc. It's absent. They have been excused from day one for any mistake or poor behavior and the wiring literally isn't there. They're worse than children. Try to imagine the image or a scene of a young woman overcome with shame for an act they committed. Imagine their face, their voice, their overall reaction to immense, true shame. A young woman clobbered with shame and regret.....Couldn't do it, could you? The image doesn't exist in our culture.

Anonymous said...

So they suffer from "Attention deficit disorder"?


Anonymous said...

"WAAAAH!!! Our children are failures because they refuse to become a slave to a corporate and work and pay taxes to fund our retirement plans like Social Security and Medicaid."
-Baby Boomer (Scum)

LonestarWhacko said...

Indifference is best. Leave feral females alone. They can protect themselves. Let that drunken coed aspirate her own vomit. Darwinian. Else wise, you just might end up in court. Deep pockets and all. Just pretend you didn't see her. Young men can't afford to help them, either. Try being ruined on for size. Red Pill and MGTOW will continue to grow. It's an idea whose time has come. Just walk on, and leave those hoes alone.

Anonymous said...

Come on, every movement and every ideology have their lunatic fringe - it's not wise to judge the entire idea by taking only the lunatic frindge into consideration. Read the definition of feminism somewhere - it's definitely not "somebody to paints with her menstrual blood". Just as the definition of "capitalist" isn't "immoral exploiter of the poor and destroyer of the environment".

And it might be an idea to leave the kindergarten level of arguing behind - there are attractive feminists out there, there are less attractive ones just as there are attractive and unattractive Christians, housewives, businessmen, plumbers, you name it.