Monday, November 24, 2014

Spot the Beta


Boys, and by "boys," I mean liberal men,

Acting like you're a liberal and placating women's leftists tendencies does not get you laid, just as submitting this law will not get you laid.


Anonymous said...

"or has represented he is someone he is not."

He has just described Pickup Artistry, Game and Job Hunting/ Job Interviewing.

Also, most politicians and lawmakers are guilty of the same false representation fraud.

Anonymous said...

Spot the Beta, because when you are only 5 feet 9 inches and most women are taller than you, it's much easier to pick on betas and bash them than becoming a genuine Alpha.

It looks like you are applying the same destruction principle that you condemn when it's other people than you who applies it.

When you're not posting pictures of Mike Rowe, fawning all over him like a girl, you post pictures of uglies like this lawmaker.

You really have no substance. You're a loser that couldn't hack it in the real world and now you just bash, shame and guilt other people to hide the fact that you're a big loser that hasn't accomplished anything great in life.

A lot of people busted their asses working full time while studying genuine STEM, not finance nor economy. You're not the only one who did that but then again they went on to have a career and well paying jobs.

You're 3 inches taller than me and boy would I pay a lot of money to get into a cage fight with you.

You need to be punched in the face and you need to wash your mouth with soap.

You're not an asshole, you're the shit that comes out of the asshole.

Do us all a favor, go work at the Bakken Oil Field and shut the fuck up.

Be an Alpha instead of bashing betas to hide the fact that you're a loser.

You're just a poser, you go to the Bakken Oil Field to post pictures of yourself holding up a wrench, yet you don't have the balls to work there 5 years and solve all your financial problems.

Then you complain that the world isn't giving you the opportunity you think you deserve and you go on a crusade against scapegoats.

You're a disgusting human being, I can understand why you hide behind your AR-15 and Glock.

Anonymous said...

Do chicks that have fake tits count? What about the ones that just want to date you for your money and free shit?

Oh yeah I forgot, this only applies to men. Like every other bullshit feminist/progressive law.

The east coast is really starting to turn into a socialist shit hole like Europe isn't it?

Captain Capitalism said...

Somebody's panties are in a bundle!

Brad said...

So are they going to make women lying about being on birth control a case of women committing "sexual assault by fraud" against men?

From article
“an act of sexual penetration to which a person has given consent because the actor has misrepresented the purpose of the act or has represented he is someone he is not.”
Emphasis mine.

Didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

"Somebody's panties are in a bundle!"

Somebody has shit for brains. I am a dude, not a gal.

While you lose your time and mine pretending to be an Alpha while chasing after ugly lawmakers, I am looking at how to work at the Bakken Oil Field.

I have about your age and I have the balls to go there and work 5 years and pinch every penny I make.

Extreme cold, extreme boredom and Dihydrogen Sulfide poisoning doesn't scare me.

You're a fucking pussy poser. I'll be richer than you in 5 years.

While you enjoy the decline, there are still opportunities out there for real men willing to work hard.

You make me sick and you make me realize it's time I stop wasting my time surfing the internet and start working hard while I still can.

Your excuse that you are too old to go there is bunk. I know a Rough Neck who worked until he was 60 !!!

He is my grand uncle from my grand mother's side !

Anonymous said...

Instead of wasting my time with your crusade against ugly leftist lawmakers.

Post detailed instructions at how to land a job at the Bakken Oil Field.

I'm in Canada, not the USA.

If I get a job there, I promise you will never see me again trolling your pathetic blog. I will be too busy busting my ass off in a tough job earning money while you keep chasing after ugly betas.

Do something useful for once.

Talk about the Bakken Oil Field in useful details. Enough so that I can go there and work.

Unlike you, I have nothing to lose so the perils of working there doesn't scare me. I'm not a pussy poser pretender like you.

You're not man enough to work there.

Anonymous said...

Like most similar laws, the grand jury would typically have to indict both parties. While it won't get him laid, it will prevent other NJ people from getting laid, I'm adding it to the list of states with which not to screw people without seven figures of indemnification available from the counterparty.

I'm not sure how the "purpose of penetration" could be fraudulent.

I think it is funny the Bakken staff are so desperate for personnel they insult people just to try and goad them into signing up.

Anonymous said...

That lawyer is a sick degenerate jerk.

How can he forsake other human beings just for the big $ he will make from the ensuring fake rape charges ?

When women realize how much they have been cheated by the left, and how much their life is worse due to sociopaths like that lawyer, there will be hell to pay for him.

Robert What? said...

I can't imagine this guy not lying to get sex. OTOH, do I spot "gay face"? My "gaydar" is not particularly acute.

just some guy said...

So can a woman lying about her n count be considered fraud resulting in a divorce were the man gets everything?

Captain Capitalism said...

Anon, nobody would hire you in the Bakken oil field. You're too mentally unstable. maybe you can clean toilets!

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:08 - troll 2/10 would not read again.

Pretty sure an "alpha" wouldn't waste all that time posting a mindless screed on the internet. Just saying.

- weambulance

Robbie Lester said...

When I met my husband 28 years ago, he told me he was in pre-med. Liar!

Anonymous said...

It seems you annoyed someone. surely this guy (I'm assuming its a guy although the whining is a bit like a little girl) can't be your first hater?

Laws keep getting more restrictive as time goes on. I always find it a bit odd when people say things like "ignorance of the law is no excuse". Well does anyone know all the laws? Hell no.

Even supreme court judges can have a split decision. How can that be? Surely no one would know the law better than a supreme court judge? Yet even they can't agree on it.

This law is quite ridiculous. If implemented I do hope its applied fairly. I can't wait to have them charge someone who lied about their age or weight. As we all know women are 100% honest. Yeah right,

Anonymous said...

What's awesome is that this NJ lawmaker's name is... wait for it...


(Lame Bridget Jones reference, but what the hell, I'm feeling charitable this morning.)

sanelity said...

Hey Anon (Bakken),

Maybe you should stop expecting those you deride to provide you with directions on how to achieve your goals.

"Man up" and figure out how to use Google or Bing. The first step in getting any job is figuring out how to find it.

Captain Capitalism said...

I authorized his comments because we need the occasional dipshit to entertain us. Consider him a mentally diseased court jester for our entertainment.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit confused by anon. I work in the oil and gas industry and I can tell you that there are very few alphas working there. Perhaps he thinks he will become an alpha by osmosis?

Anonymous said...

So if women lie about their age or wear makeup or have fake boobs or any other false advertisements they should go to jail. If a woman forgets to take birth control on purpose jail for her, if a woman says a kid is the husbands when she knows it's a thug she banged in the bathroom stall at a seedy bar. She must serve time. Fair is fair.

Anonymous said...

OK, so since TV shows depicting rape in comedic fashion are getting pulled, why is 2 Broke Girls and How I Met Your Mother still on?
2 Broke Girls keep making jokes about getting drunk/high/both and waking up next to guys and HIMYM sees Barney Stinson going to great lengths to get women into bed by lying to them.
I feel a feminist push is in order!

Anonymous said...

I find anons comments highly entertaining. Thank you Clarey for allowing his comments.

Anonymous said...


"You're too mentally unstable. maybe you can clean toilets!"

The funny thing about America is that it is well worth cleaning toilets to enjoy the freedoms provided by the American constitution.

What's wrong with cleaning toilets ?

Do you realize that most of the world sucks and that most people in the entire world live in some kind of socialist tyranny that allows them little to no freedoms.

The second Amendment is worth cleaning toilets with my TONGUE !

If I can buy a working AR15, I'm willing to clean toilets for it.

Do you realize that because I am a Canadian, my life will always suck even more than an honest American toilet cleaner that can take his salary and buy an AR15 !

Be proud to be an American, the rest of the world SUCKS !

Anonymous said...


"You're too mentally unstable. maybe you can clean toilets!"

Because I am a Canadian, I am BELOW an honest American toilet cleaner.

I would be better off cleaning toilets as an American citizen than being a Canadian accountant for example.

Stop complaining about your lack of opportunities, you have no idea how great your country is.

Do something for your country. You don't want to live in Canada, trust me.

Anonymous said...


"You're too mentally unstable. maybe you can clean toilets!"

Maybe not, I haven't cleaned my own toilet in months, LOL !

Unstable Canadian Toilet Cleaner said...


You mean that only "losers" work at the Bakken Oil Field ?

You mean that only weaklings work there ?

Alpha is first and foremost about the body, it's about flesh.

Alphas are people that can win bar fights. I'm not an Alpha and neither is Captain Capitalism.

But I can certainly work there.

Stupid Canadian Toilet Cleaner said...

@Captain Capitalism,

"court jester for our entertainment."

You have no idea what you're missing, LOL !

Toilet Cleaner said...


"court jester"

So, you are telling me that I am a buffoon ?

I got free truthful asshole advice ?

I didn't need to pay you to being told the truth ?

1) I am mentally unstable
2) I am a buffoon

Thanks for the freebies captain

Toilet Cleaner said...


"Perhaps he thinks he will become an alpha by osmosis?"

How do you know I'm not an Alpha already ? Because the Captain said I could clean toilets ?

Anonymous said...

Mr Bakken Oil, here's how your little 'plan' is going to play out.

1. You're going to work your tail off, get paid more than people your own age and, guess what, PAY MORE TAX than everyone you know.

2. You'll either burn out after 6 months knowing that so much of your hard-earned money is going to subsidize the life of people who can't afford the five children they had or you'll get to the end of your five year plan and set yourself up.

3. Your little house is going to be a nice little attracter of property tax and you'll again be paying money for services like schools for children you don't have.

4. You may get married and have some children and either your expenses will go up and you need to earn more or your wife will frivorce you and take your hard earned money/house in the settlement.

5. You then face the tough choice of going back to Bakken for "just another 5 year stint" to yet again "set yourself up or take a real hit in your quality of life.

Best of luck with you plans, I'm sure all those people who get massive government subsidies thank you for your sacrifice and, more importantly, your taxes.

Anonymous said...


Toilet cleaners like me are not fuckable, women really don't care so I don't have to worry about marrying and getting children.

Even if I pay a lot of taxes I would make a lot more money there than sitting my arse making a fool of myself in blogs.

I don't pay taxe now but genuine toilet cleaners make more net income than I do.

I would just pinch my pennies.

But there are two problems, and the captain is right. I am mentally unstable and I am a fool.

They would probably not have patience for me there and that would get on my nerves.

The one flaw in my bakken oil plan is that I will have to work with other people who can't stand me and whom I can't stand.

Therefore, it will not happen, unless I can work there cleaning toilets.

The captain really tells the truth.

Toilet Cleaner said...


"Best of luck with you plans, I'm sure all those people who get massive government subsidies thank you for your sacrifice and, more importantly, your taxes."

Son, you have no idea how great your country is. You can't know the value of freedom when your awash in it. Stop complaining and uphold your country.

The rest of the world is crippled in misery and tyranny.

In America you enjoy freedoms that the rest of the world can only dream of.

Only American toilet cleaners can go to the gun range at the end of their work shift and shoot a machine gun.

In the rest of the world you just clean toilets and that's it.

God Bless America !

Anonymous said...

"... @thenoisyrogue,

You mean that only "losers" work at the Bakken Oil Field ?

You mean that only weaklings work there ?

Alpha is first and foremost about the body, it's about flesh.

Alphas are people that can win bar fights. I'm not an Alpha and neither is Captain Capitalism.

But I can certainly work there ..."

So much fail in one post.

Do you know what I do in the oil & gas industry? I train people to go and work on offshore installations. The toughest area there is. I train them technically, and I train them mentally. I run offshore oil & gas boot-camp. Literally.

The shortest I've ever seen someone last after stepping off a helicopter, doing their induction, and being shown their room, is 30 minutes.

I reckon you'd set a new record.