Thursday, November 20, 2014

Here's How You Stop Rape, Ladies

I didn’t wait 15 years, or 25, or 45.  I got in my car and drove immediately over to the police station and told them what happened.  I had a rape kit done, photos taken, and gave my statement.  He was arrested, and eventually jailed.  He is still in jail, thank goodness.  He wasn’t hard to find.  Everyone knew him.  I guess he didn’t think that I would go to the police, and do so as quickly as I did, because when they arrested him he still had remnants of my DNA on him.

 I'll just say it again for the cheap seats because I know the current hubbub about rape is not about "rape" as much as it is a power-grab from miserable feminists to fund their "women's shelter" programs on various campuses. 






Do not pass Go
Do not collection $200

You need to get your ass to the cops ASAP.

20 years ago when I worked at the campus cop program during college they drilled that into our heads.  And I got new for you,

The police department cares a lot more about you women than the "Women's Studies" Department.


Glen Filthie said...

Bill Cosby committed the unforgiveable sin. He told blacks to stop making excuses and cop outs, pull up their pants and speak English. When the community organizers and liberal race whores demanded that he recant - he refused and pretty much told them to FOAD. To my mind, I cannot see a man with such a principled stance on life to be a rapist.

Since Cosby is black, they can't play the race card. That leaves them with the sexist card and this is how it is played. They mean to destroy him by any means possible.

Not only are women being played for fools here - so are the blacks.

Grizzly said...

That's not stopping rape, it's only reporting it after the fact.

To stop rape, you need a .38. Its a perfect caliber for the ladies.

Anonymous said...

Hell yes. Straight to the problem at hand, gets the bastard put away, and does so entirely without cramming the feminist's agenda down all of our throats.
If feminists really cared about the well being of women they would be telling women the exact same thing you just posted.

SM777 said...

Of course, according to the MSM the feminazis never lie, and what is their motto? "All men are rapists"

What is the percentage of rape accusations which turn out to be false (either on or off campus)?

Let's not forget the salient fact that a noticeable majority of women find sociopaths "sexy". Logic would dictate that the sociopathic type of men are more likely to commit rape to begin with.

As an example, the majority of which gender voted for/supported hitler in his rise to power?

Omega Man said...

One of the side effects of these allegations, which can now no longer be proven in court, is that men will be extremely reluctant to mentor and help young women get a start in their careers.

Despite what the SJWs say, women lie about rape. They lie about it all the time. Why? Perhaps they were dumped, or they didn't get the sterling recommendation that they thought they deserved.

In either case a man would be an absolute fool to take on a female apprentice in today's world.

Mindstorm said...

Stopping rape before it happens makes it attempted rape, Grizzly. Stopping it even before that would require 'Minority Report' tools. Certainly not 'More slutwalks!'

Good advice, nevertheless.

Mindstorm said...

Stopping rape before it happens makes it attempted rape, Grizzly. Stopping it even before that would require 'Minority Report' tools. Certainly not 'More slutwalks!'

Good advice, nevertheless.

Take The Red Pill said...

They're not interested in stopping rape -- they're only interested in using "rape".
Just like their interest in sex, their interest in "rape" is based on an evil that is as evil as real "rape": their selfishness, greed for power, and their hatred of men. They use "rape" as they use sex -- as a 'power tool' and weapon against all men.
Men should NEVER forget this.

Jane the Grad Student said...

The biggest point for me (yes, I'm a woman; no, I've never been raped) was that, at that moment, putting the perp in jail was more important than her job, her social standing, and/or her continued relationships with family members, and she put all that on the line without a moment's hesitation to get the job done. Many women would hesitate to do that, because if being raped is bad, going through the trial process with no job, no social support, and no backup is just the rotten pickle on the manure sandwich. I applaud her for being strong enough to go through with it, and I wonder what it's going to take for other women to show the same strength.

Plump Pleasant Plumber said...

Cold hard reality means that if a woman is raped.....go to the police. If she doesn't, can't take it seriously. I don't believe all the made up reasons why a woman wouldn't do what she can to get hers back. Given the feminist-marxist climate in the judicial system, it's real easy to destroy a man's life. Men don't have civil rights at this time. So, sorry, it's too risky to help a woman. For any reason. Ya'll need to start carrying protection. I wasn't raised this way, but I was frivorced and plundered. Nothing I said made any difference. So, MGTOW it is. I'm learning to be Indifferent. Survival of the fittest.

Goober said...

It just seems so strange to me. i can't parse it.

It's been two decades...

and so many women are stepping forward now, as if it's scary to say "that man raped me" unless several other women come forward, first.

I can't tell if this is a bunch of chicks that are pissed cause he didn't marry them after they blew him off, that are now jumping on the bandwagon and trying to get their 15 minutes of fame off of this, or if there really is something about female nature that causes them to hide the fact tha thtey were raped out of shame or some other such, and only come forward when they realize that they weren't the only one?

None of this makes any sense. If someone violated my body, and lived through the experience, you can damn sure bet the cops would be at their door before they got their pants zipped back up...

Michael said...


Albert said...

The most effective way to stop rape, of course, is with high-speed lead poisoning.

Anonymous said...

I agree with grizzly on this. Arm the ladies. By the time the cops get there all they have is another unexplained murder.

Paul said...

No one ever raped a .38.

Keep that in mind.

Mike said...

"The police department cares a lot more about you women than the "Women's Studies" Department. "

I'll say they do. To the point of even jailing innocent men.