Friday, November 14, 2014

From Our Black Agent in the Field

In my research for The Black Man's Guide Out of Poverty I get some consultation and commentary from our agents in the field that I deem worth sharing.  This is one of those instances where you get to see the trail a man has traveled and appreciate the thought process, but also the adherence to intellectual honesty and reality.

My beliefs did not change until around 2012 when I was around 26. It wasn’t a Road to Damascus type of moment, rather it was gradual. I have the personality type of always wanting to be logically consistent, wanting to be right, open to differing beliefs and finding the truth. However, I was always open to the possibility of being wrong about something and was willing to change my views. Therefore, while I had left wing views, I tried to logically defend them and limited name calling of opponents.

I was interested in economics as a college student and was always critical of Marxism and state ownership of capital. My left wings views gravitated more to left wing anarchism. I knew that Marxism didn’t work, however I thought there was something better than the free market.

After being exposed to the manosphere and reading “The Myth of Male Power” by Warren Farrell and  “Who Stole Feminism?” by Christina Hoff Sommers, I learned about the flaws of feminism. I thought to myself, “if The Left is wrong about Marxism and Feminism and these are two of the leading ideologies of The Left, what else are they wrong about?” The answer to that question is almost everything.

As previously mentioned, I liked to read so I decided to read writers on The Right. I started reading Thomas Sowell, who has a reputation in the black community as being an Uncle Tom and an apologist of racism. The first books I read by him were “Basic Economics”, “Civil Rights: Rhetoric or Reality” and “Economic Facts and Fallacies”. His arguments were persuasive and I finished reading those books thinking to myself “holy shit, he’s right!” I read other free market economic books solidifying in my mind that the free market was the best economic system. If anything, those books demolished popular notions of the left e.g. we are tabula rasas, differences in outcome are solely due to discrimination, government is the solution, etc.

It also seemed to me that liberal policies did not work. Every 2-4 years the Democrats would come along call the Republicans racists, blacks would vote for the Democrats and after Election Day, Democrats would not care about issues affecting the black community. It was a predictable cycle. However, blacks would not vote for Republicans because they were seen as racists. Nothing really changed their minds since Republicans did not seem interested in getting the black vote anyway. I still cannot think of three liberal policies that have actually improved the lives of blacks.
I also looked at the results. The most liberal cities in the United States were all upper middle class and white with high rents (due to rent control) ensuring that the poor and minorities couldn’t live there e.g. San Francisco, Washington DC, Seattle, or lower income, filled with crime, poor schooling and mostly if not virtually all black or Hispanic, Detroit, Gary, IN, Chicago, etc. Cities under Democratic control the longest (e.g. Detroit) had the worst results. Liberal policies did not create the diverse, crime free, equal utopias that they promised. They seemed to care only about intentions. I had a debate a year ago with my white liberal roommate about the minimum wage. I argued that the minimum wage caused unemployment. He did not seem to care about the actual impact, only about the good intentions. And that is how liberals argue, based on their intentions, they do not care about the actual impact of these policies.

It is my belief that there is no such thing as an honest liberal, because if an honest liberal exists, then over time, he will eventually become libertarian or conservative.

I’m just ranting now. I hope that helps.


Pillar Of Autumn said...

Goodness gracious, get this man some guest spots on some liberal media outlets! Maybe he can change a few minds!

Karl said...

Interesting. I can't wait to read your next book!

I wonder if you've heard from anyone who was influenced by Clarence Thomas' book, My Grandfather's Son. It was a powerful book for me, as he did a great job explaining the anger of a young black man, and how he overcame that hate to go on to success.

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Anonymous said...

I can relate to this post. I am a working class minority as well(non-black though) not that race should matter. Just putting it out there for demographics. I used to have liberals beliefs, voted democratic, etc. for majority of my 20s...i.e. your typical brainwashed young adult in college with no life experience. That all changed with life experience, studying a bit of psychology, learning more about economics(thanks Captain Capitalism) and I realized now capitalism and conservative principles creates a better and superior society/America than the world progressives/feminist/democrats want to make.
This is how I see conservatism and progressivism

Conservative=teach a man how to fish he eats for a life time! (emphasis on outcomes/consequences)

Progressive=give a man a fish he eats only for one day! (emphasis on good intentions only, don't care if consequences are bad)

Anonymous said...

The modern Republican is a very sad creature. In particular, when accused of rcism, he is too ignorant to make the obvious retort that the KKK was a Democrat organization, which was intended to lynch blacks and Republicans; during the Civil War the Copperheads impeded the prosecution of the war as best they could, and the Copperheads were Democrat; Martin Luther King was a Republican; segregation was maintained in the Sough by governors who were uniformly Democrat; etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

NEWSBREAK: Now women kill other women's children:

Glen Filthie said...

A minimum wage hike would actually be GOOD for America.

Yes, it would cause massive job losses and massive inflation and and hurt the economy.

BUT: with the market for low end jobs glutted - prices would be driven down, black market labour would rise to topple unions and their socialist leaders and enablers - and without job prospects, the low IQ, low skill immigrants from Mexico would turn around and go home.

Sometimes giving stupid people exactly what they want is the best way to deal with them.

Anonymous said...

as i said cap consider that barter for a vid request??