Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The "Joys" of Dating Christian Girls

I love Garfunkle and Oates

(language warning)


August said...

Poor reading comprehension.
Many of those old laws can be boiled down to- "hey, let's not expose ourselves to potential vectors for disease." It ends up being not-funny, because I could actually see modern idiots not having the understanding necessary to avoid it. The media will run scare stories about how much bacteria is in your bathroom, but when they start talking about deviant sex, they never mention it.

Fred2 said...

I'm naive, I know, is this for real? In any real, not theoretical, not "oh yeah there was this one girl once" very low % anecdotal sense?

Or is it just some wierd news story made into a funny and rude song.

Matt said...

Reminds me of the Romanian Pitesti experiments. The Romanians Marxists wanted to tear the religious down, so they could build them back up into the brave, new Communist man.

They did this by different types of blasphemy, including a mock mass with faecal matter in place of the eucharist.

Now, said one priest who lived through Pitesti, Americans line up to pay for such entertainment.

Rick Caird said...

I too love Garfunkle and Oates. They both just look so sweet until they get started. My favorite is still 29 and 31.

srhcb said...

That was one of the fuckin' funniest things I've ever seen! (And I can remember Firesign Theatre and Monty Python!)

srhcb said...


Anal sex, (formerly the provence of sailors), has become quite a bit more prevalent over the past 10 years for reasons somewhat related to this hilarious video, but also because it tends to legitimize male homosexuality.

Bike Bubba said...

I'd thought that this was actually more common among Muslim girls. Right or wrong, I guess that answers why these young ladies placed their video in Catholic school instead of a Madrassah.