Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Trouble at Harvard

Oh nosies!


Anonymous said...

Obviously it's the patriarchy's fault...

Torgo said...

Thanks for sharing, Cappy. Good for those Asians. This man of European descent needs no special treatment to compete with and beat people of all races in terms of thinking on my feet, which is what standardized tests measure, IMHO.

And into the bargain, blowing the instructor will not help any slut to defeat us honorable men in this contest!

Usage Yojimbo said...

This comment, if executed, would wreak havoc on the university campuses across the country.

"The compensation the Asians should receive should be their expected life-time earnings if they were to have been admitted to Harvard and the other Ivy Leagues., plus whatever attorney fees. This would apply for every single Asian candidate who had been rejected in favor of less qualified candidates of any other race over the past 20 years. This is what i would go for if I were a lawyer representing these plaintiffs.

If the universities refused to reveal their admissions criteria in the court case, I would argue that this represents prima face admission of the tort and that the plaintiffs should be compensated accordingly."

This one made me smile and chuckle.

Alex in Montana said...

Harvard is a private university. Do you "Libertarians" understand that? This isn't a state university. Assume this lawsuit wins. Can Muslims sue Notre Dame for wanting Catholics?

Some of you Libertarians are just Statists in drag.

By the way: MBA - Harvard U. 1980 here.