Monday, September 28, 2015

EMERGENCY PREDICTION: Accused of Transgenderism

It is a prediction that is too easy to make and one I'm going to do here, because if you can predict people it means you understand them perfectly and know what drives them.  And the SJW's, specifically of the transgender variety, are going to go apeshit over the website ""


Well, psychologically speaking they're worthless people (not transgendered people, I'm talking the SJW's who are going to protest this) and so they offer nothing of worth to society.  However, just because they're worthless doesn't mean they want people to know that.  Their egos are too big and fragile for that.  Ergo, they constantly search for fake injustices to lash out at in a heroic and crusaderist way making it seem they offer something to this world.  Of course they're just lazy, spoiled brat children who whine constantly and nobody in the real world likes, but that's what psychologically drives them.

But more specifically, THIS is going to make them see red:

See, for those of us who are normal, we are going to harken back to our childhoods during the 60's, 70's, and 80's and say,

"OH CUTE!  I can become a Charlie Brown character!"

But the valueless parasites of our society will purposely look past the fun and innocent intent of this site and attack it because (once again) these people are worthless and need to fabricate faux meaning in their lives.

Anyway, to the best of my knowledge the SJW shitstorm hasn't happened yet.

But it will.

Oh, it will.

Enjoy the decline!


Mr.Fruitbaskets said...

first the captain predicted the tides of economic catastrophe, now watch him foresee a crusade!

On another note, I've not much to say, because it's quite obvious what is going to happen. It would come as a surprise if such a thing did not take place in the near future.

So sit back and feed on their tears, o' this sea of sorrow.

Anonymous said...

Little Peanuts Clarey. It's missing the cigar, and the motorcycle.