Friday, September 25, 2015

If You Think the Millennials are Wimps

Just wait for THIS generation to circle 18 times around the sun.


The Question said...

Good grief. I live in the Seattle area not far from Mercer Island.

However, one thing I would point out is that it is not the kids demanding this. The school district is pushing the agenda. We see this elsewhere where if kids were left to themselves and allowed to be kids they might actually behave normally. This is something out of a South Park episode.

I grew up attending a small private school in that area and looking back it is surreal how much we got away with, at least during the early (preschool through third grade). The recess teachers basically had a "first blood" policy; as long as you didn't draw blood, they let it slide. We built forts, pelted each other with pinecones, hit one another with sticks, wrestled, kicked soccer balls at people, formed small groups and declared wars over marked territory, pushed other kids off playground equipment as part of "castle sieges." We even tossed one of those huge cable rollers down a hill.

By the time I got to the eighth grade, however, winning too many playground games was considered to be a form of "bullying." But again, it was the school officials pushing this, not the kids.

Omega Man said...

I wonder how Red Rover would fare with these ninnies?

Tony Trucano said...

Although I realize you are non-religious this is a hypothetical situation I created.... A student sneezes and the teacher says "God bless you." The teacher is expelled from his profession.