Friday, September 11, 2015

Psychology is Bullshit

An excellent take down of pseudo science known as psychology by Mr. Aurini.

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Anonymous said...

This is surprising coming from Aurini. He was really into profiling people back a while ago. I remember one of his videos about "The Sanguine", "The Introvert", "The Coleric" etc.

Has he finally come to his senses ?

What I do find interesting is that some women, who studied in Psychology, think they have some kind of authority over other people and that they can decipher them and boss them around because they know what they are talking about.

There is such a need in certain people to get the best of you and they think that their psychology degree gives them the authority to do just that. Very similar to christians who believe they can lecture you all the time and try to boss you around quoting bible verses.

I always though of psychology as astrology for the brains. It is entertaining but it is not of any empirical value.

I once had a dental hygienist woman (not a dentist, just the assistant) who had the nerve to question me about my feelings and psyche while she was preparing me for the dentist. I told her that her job is to take care of my teeth, not to take care of my psyche.

She replied to me that my psyche is part of me, as if somehow that justified her inquisition. Yes it's part of me, but it's not part of your business. Just take care of my teeth, that's what I pay you for. I'm not paying you to examine my mind.

I once went to physiotherapy sessions for a pain I had in my neck. He was a man and I didn't like at all that he was cuddling me for half an hour and that I could hear his heart pounding. It seemed like bullshit to me. But we had conversations and I once told him that a machine to measure pain would be fantastic. It could provide evidence that pain exists and point to where it is and would help diagnostics.

He dismissed my idea by explaining that a lot of pain is psychological and in people's mind. I was paying him $50 a session because of my neck pain and now he tells me that my pain is all in my mind ? I had decided to quit going to physiotherapy. When he called back the week later asking why I didn't show up at my physiotherapy session I told him that I was happy that he told me that my pain was all in my mind, that way I would save a lot of money ($50 a pop) and that I wouldn't need to have him rub himself against me (yuck).

The pain eventually went away all by itself. The medical profession is filled with quacks who make a living off other people's gullibility.

People with psychology degrees, especially women, don't mind their own business.

Women in psychology are some of the most evil people you will meet, beware. They want power, they want to control you.

But the worse of the worse offender is the HR ditz with a degree in psychology. They have the degree and the jargon to find and mostly create as much dirt as possible on you that is not at all related to the job you are applying for.

Women are the worse offenders in this attempt to use psychology to have power over other people, especially to have power over men.

Most men don't care about how you feel or what you think. Men only care about what you do.

For men, actions speaks louder than words or feelings.