Thursday, September 17, 2015

Minimum Wage, Seattle, McDonald's, Robots, and Basic Guaranteed Income

If anybody starts blathering on about basic guaranteed income or their fears that "robots will take all the jobs" please just show them this:


Glen Filthie said...


I don't see it Captain. I think you might be blinkered by your capitalist ideology even as the liberals are by theirs. Look at this deeper:

Envy is an emotion that is firmly rooted in stupidity. The liberal will look at your house and car, and envy you because he isn't bright enough to understand that you went to school, you worked hard and got ahead on your own merits and efforts. He's gonna say that you got to where you are because you're white, or because you're male, or some other hogwash. If you tell him that he can have it too - but will have to work for it the same way you did you will be called a racist or a sexist or some other liberal bogeyman. Fine - we agree on this.


In days of old - stupid people and lazy people worked, or they went to jail or starved. Nobody cared if they chose the latter two options. Never before have we been able to maintain the welfare/parasite class - and now that we are...we are drowning in them. The universities are churning out leftist scum like they were sausages. It's not enough that we have our own homegrown morons - we are now importing them from the third world. The African Americans have already fallen, they have destroyed entire cities like Detroit. And what is Detroit, but a smaller version of Africa? Both, in their day, were industrial You would think the transition to an automated society would have been child's play for a city like Detroit. Instead they are devolving, their city is rotting as are others that have become bastions of liberal ideology.

I see a massive cull of humanity as our civilization falls. It may start as a race or class war and I think intellectuals like yourself are mistaken to assume that there will be a civilization after the fall. A successful nation and empire calls for intelligent and strong leadership...and both our countries are in a pickle considering the candidates today - most of whom themselves - are products of an idiocracy. I can potentially see another Dark Age ahead.

I see a future filled with warriors and slaves, not artists and musicians. Hope you're right and I'm wrong but that's the reality that is shaping up at the moment.

Robert What? said...

... and another thing. I never ever click on a Google ad, which is just money in Google's pockets. In the rare occasion I see an ad I want to follow, I type in the URL the advertiser lists in the ad.

Anonymous said...

His mention of the automated bricklayer is scary. That's supposed to be something so timeless it is used as a gauge of real labor income over time, like the price of a Big Mac.

Anonymous said...

Just for the sake of argument, let's say the economy becomes robotized and automated.

So what?

There is nothing any of us can do about it, and no one can predict the future. It is an incredibly moot point to debate about in my opinion.

The automation wet dream is mostly thought up by unemployed millenials who want the world to change in a way, so that they can be lazy and collect money. Pretty much they want a "mom and dad" economy where robots take care of them.


Red Knight said...

Resentment of someone else being richer than you is hardly a left-wing thing. Right-wingers display plenty of it when the one who is richer than you (or just inordinately rich, even if you are richer) is a tenured liberal arts professor or a high-level government employee. Or a heavily unionized worker.

No, the matter of the fact is, people resent undeserved riches. The only difference between the left and the right in this regard is on what basis they consider anyone to be deserving of riches. And everyone resents the fact that Justin Bieber is rich, because everyone agrees he's a twat.