Saturday, September 26, 2015

I Ask, Did the Victims Vote Left?

Because voting left is doing the right thing and that's all that matters.


JD said...

for the record, your klout score is currently 57.

remember when klout was a thing?

Captain Capitalism said...

Ha ha!!!! Yeah "Klout"

"We don't think YouTube or Twitter should be considered for your social media presence."

How they doing, bankrupt yet?

leeholsen said...

yep, all religions are bad; Christianity is just as much of a threat. the people/officials that allow this to happen are most likely athiests or agnostics given that socialist countries usually are and they enabled Christianity to fall while allowing islam to do whatever it wishes; good choice- sarcasm intended.

evilwhitemalempire said...

Did the victims vote left?

Actually they may not have.

I'm beginning to suspect that the majority of western people are actually very much opposed to 'progressivism' and that the whole thing is being imposed from the top down by elites that are themselves safely insulated from the mayhem they cause with their funding of useful idiot leftists.

Motive? Maybe they want to bring down white middle class?

Don't get me wrong I loathe conspiracy theories as much as the next skeptic.

But when you consider the egregious behavior of Fox News and the GOP toward Trump (essentially persecuting him for being TOO conservative!) you really have to be a sperg's sperg to not see the writing on the wall.