Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Japan Closes Its Liberal Arts Colleges, and We Must Do the Same

The "Humanities" and "Liberal Arts" offer nothing of value to society that can't be gotten for free at your local library.  Worse, they destroy generations of youth by impairing them with socialist indoctrination and hate.  There are very few things on this planet more evil, destructive or worthless as liberal arts colleges:


Ollie said...

Don't forget to throw in the link:

If the trend catches on, it looks like some tenured catladies are going to have to change their careers.

Take The Red Pill said...

Ollie said...
" looks like some tenured catladies are going to have to change their careers."

Yeah...most likely to be Marxist/socialist "courtesans" and other kinds of streetwalkers, since it's all that they're good for; but (too bad for them) who wants to take the chance of getting HIV, HPV, Herpes, genital warts, incurable gonorrhea, etc. from those walking Petri dishes?

evilwhitemalempire said...

From the above link

"The call to close the liberal arts and social science faculties are believed to be part of wider efforts by prime minister Shinzo Abe to promote what he has called “more practical vocational education that better anticipates the needs of society”.

However, it is likely to be connected with ongoing financial pressures on Japanese universities, linked to a LOW BIRTH RATE and falling numbers of students, which have led to many institutions running at less than 50 per cent of capacity."

I hope the Captain isn't forced, by conscience, to offer an apology to MGTOWers.

If for no other reason than I'd have to eat some of my own words about them myself!

Cecil Henry said...

PLEASE let it happen in the WEst.

The social sciences are just cultural Marxism training of young and idealistic adults just leaving home.

Its criminal to have taxpayers funding this propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Careful, Captain. Two problems with this one:

1.You are automatically assuming Japanese system has the same flaws as the American. It might but it might not (women´s studies in Japan? Male geishas on the horizon?) It seems you think the american experience makes you think that it´s the same everywhere.
It is not (though it might eventually be going there). I studied humanities in Central Europe and while for most graduates it indeed is a rather worthless degree financially (which means they´ll end up doing something completely different),it definitely is no brainwashing for most specializations. The people I´ve met there certainly are very interesting people who ended up in very diverse walks of life.

2.More importantly, whether the humanities/liberal arts suck or not, is beside the point. The point here for me (ex-communist country) is that the intervention looks very much like what the communists did when they were in power: limit the freedom of choice. The government decides what is good for society. For me this ban stinks of communism much more than it stinks of pragmatism. I would like to see what the brave minister had in mind when he said "better meet society’s needs". Who defines those needs?

There´s one thing we´ve learned over and over about centralised planning in education and everywhere else: we are completely unable to predict what society will need when today´s students are out of school (say in 5 years).

So funnily enough, Captain Capitalism ends up applauding a STATE INTERVENTION. Who would have thought we´d see you saying that it´s a good thing that a state official should dictate what the people study. If you said: let´s stop subsidizing ALL education, that would be capitalist and completely OK with me.
All you can do is warn them, give them your book (or sell it to them, rather) and then let them choose what they want to do even if it means they´ll starve to death. After all, they´re adult and vaccinated.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous, FUNDING the liberal arts BS is state intervention, removing that funding is removing the state intervention.


Bucho said...

I don't think that it's a matter of limiting choice. Aaron did point out in his video the students are free to take liberal arts classes from private universities.

beta_plus said...

I never thought the Japanese government would be the bellweather for the education bubble.

I don't know if this is true, but I was told that the Bank of Japan has the legal authority to prohibit Japanese banks from buying the government debt of countries it considers insolvent and the rest of the government debt markets follow suit. Supposedly this happened to New Zealand back in late 80s early 90s and suddenly no one would buy their bonds. Food for thought.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous responding to Anonymous from the first Anonymous :) :

I agree that funding liberal arts (I hate the expression since it brings today´s politics into a medieval concept) is state intervention. Funding anything is state intervention. But if the state funds education AND dictates what should be taught
it is definitely worse than funding universities and let them choose.
That´s all I wanted to say. The current situation might be bad but state (selective) control can´t improve it.

The politicians will gladly finance any nonsense that will get them reelected regardless of the country´s or young people´s prospects in the future.

astrodominant said...

OK Cappy. I have a classic liberal arts degree. In mathematics. Yeah, my university is old school so the sciences were in the liberal arts school. Philosophy, English (worthless class) etc. Had to tak a minimum to get through but learned a lot about what to ignore and am fluent in Spanish because of it.

I learned more on the job in high school and while I was in college than in those classes. But the profs were very necessary for math, physics and chemistry as they need some guidance when you get stuck. But that was classic liberal arts and not the nonsense peddled today.

Ca Jo said...

So, basically, they are trying to fix the low birthrate problem. No "easy" degree's for the ladies means they can't get the introductory jobs that young men need to start families. Mr Physics also gets some social proof, as he no longer needs to get a master's degree to be "better" than Ms Social Work degree.

*Sigh* Poor Econ degree's :(

Ca Jo said...

Its a fix for the low population growth rate. Guys who get degree's can actually get a good job and social proof; Mr Physics isn't going to be shoved out of the way by Ms Social Work.