Thursday, September 17, 2015

Genuine Journalism - Why You Should Never Advertise on Facebook

From one of our Agents in the Field.  Some outstanding research and TRUE journalism on just what a fraud it is advertising on Facebook.

This explains why I have over 300 likes for The Black Man's Guide Out of Poverty, but effectively no increase in sales.


grey enlightenment said...

Facebook advertising is for big brands with huge budgets trying to build awareness, not for small-time guys trying to sell stuff.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I never bookfaced. Bookface has peaked, why bother.

Robert What? said...

I'm not surprised. I haven't used FB advertising for my business (and never would). But I have used Google Adwords which is an unaccountable money machine scam for Google. Besides, I wouldn't want to give any money to those SJW organizations.

FSK said...

I never understood why a business would promote their Facebook or Twitter instead of their own website.

When you post on Facebook or Twitter, you're building their brand instead of your own. They can cut you off at any time (like Facebook did when they stopped sending your posts to all your followers), and then start charging for access.

I worked for a guy who was one of the first people to advertise on Google in his niche. At the beginning, he made huge profits. Now, there's a lot of competition for his keywords.

I did a calculation, and concluded that most of his Google ads were wasted (using a crude assumption that 1/3 of his customers were from Google ads). He was spending more on customers via Google ads than his marginal profit per customer. I explained it to him, but was not able to make him understand. In essence, his business was a charity being run for the benefit of Google, with a huge chunk of his profits going to Google.

I wonder how much money Google makes off small businesses who advertise on Google, but lack the capacity to figure out if they're spending more on Google ads than the extra sales/profit they get.

Anonymous said...

Write a book: "The White Man's Guide Out Of Poverty" and it will sell ten times more.

Robert What? said...


I used Google Adwords for my business for a couple of years. Spent a ton of money for something it was nearly impossible to determine the value of. Got lots of "monkey clicks" from India and China, even though I set the parameters to not show in India and China. I firmly believe Google does or did hire firms to click on ads, especially expensive ones. I stopped about a year ago and now keep getting emails from Google begging me to come back. On a related note, I never click on a Google ad since that is just money in the pockets of Google, a major SJW organization. In the rare event I see an ad I want to follow, I just enter the "landing page" URL the advertiser gives in the address bar. This way, I get to the advertiser's website without clicking on the Google ad.