Sunday, September 10, 2017

The Biggest Lie Told to Women...

was convincing them that work was not only fun, but the entire point and purpose of life.

Congratulations girls.  You sure are "independent minded" swallowing whole what the left, feminism, and media told you to.


Anonymous said...

At the top of the article "The Cut" is written in large letters. That is not how I initially read it.

Anonymous said...

Cap, have you heard of the little breach that had at Equifax. The one that compromised the personal information of as many as 143 million Americans -- or nearly half the country.

Take a look at their IT security officer, Susan Mauldin. Check out her education before becoming a kick-ass expert in cyber security.,-Inc./Susan-Mauldin

I guess that BA and Masters in the fine arts in music composition really brought value and diversity to her employer.

David Reynolds said...

As a man, I sure as hell would like to live the housewife life if I could have ever found a woman who was willing to work while I stayed home. If she wants to go out and bust her ass and earn the money to keep a roof over my head, I will happily do housework and look after the kids. By the time she walked through the door, she will be inundated with the smell of Pine Sol and dinner cooking. I will even serve dinner in my undies if it will get her going.

john smith said...

The article should have been titled "Proof That Women Are Never Satisfied As Told By Women". Women would screw up their own wet dream.

VFM #7916 said...

Yeah, the biggest problem was that the little girl had a father.

It's a delightful hamsterization with no conclusion, other than the bitterbitch's envy of a little girl with her father and all the implications.

Choice, it's a wonderful thing. It's even more wonderful to observe the consequences of choices. Show these to your children (if you have any) and say "Look, this is why you don't do X, Y, and Z"

Pat Haney said...

Sweet Jesus am I tired of hearing women lament about this stuff.

I'll manslplain; Life's not fair. You should be told this by your parents. And if your job defines you, you have big, big, issues. I've only met one or two such types in my life, and they were sad, sad men. I find it hilarious that she describes her friend; "Another, an accountant with corner-office aspirations, has decided to “phone it in” for a few years while she figures out what she wants to do", and three paragraphs later moans about the pay gap. You want a reason for that gap? look no further than that friend. While "Jane" phones it in whilst dealing with her existential crisis, "John" is plugging away at his work, and picking up the slack for Jane. When Bonuses, pay rises, and promotions come around this won't go unnoticed.

Jane has the option of marrying up in her 30s, having kids, and "finding herself" whilst the old man slaves away. John doesn't get that option. Nor does he typically get to ditch the old man, take half his crap, and go find herself some more while he works his nuts off to pay for it.

Lastly, I don't know one guy that's well off, or an executive, who isn't running on a bigger, faster ratwheel. But they all have interests and pursuits other than the career.

Max said...

I have no idea where this girl worked, but at least in the company I work for men & women earn the same (before women leave for 1-2 years due to child birth).
For me the gender pay gap is a fake, because they not compare actual work, but whether for a general job description everyone earns the same average (not even median) wage.
Of course women pre-dominantly work 80% jobs when they have kids, even today, and thus the comparison of -20% pay is mostly due to such mismatches.

But the rest of the rant is pretty spot on, imo.

Anonymous said...

This article made me crazy.

First off, how old are millenials? 35 maybe at the oldest? What do they have 5-10 years of work experience? And they are moaning about maybe not reaching the brass ring?

If you are in a large corporation, and you hope to be a bigshot at 35-40, you better be crazy talented, or one hell of a suck-up. In a smaller company (like the one I work for) all the power executives have skin in the game. And BTW- her neurotic examples of this woefulness need to look no further than the mirror. There's a reason you aren't where you want to be, and that reason is you.

The author was correct about getting a life and interests. Here, she's on target because most millennial women I've met - don't. (I have three millennial kids, with friends). The dudes - almost to a person, have interests outside work - Shooting, Hunting, fishing, Martial arts, chasing women, cars. The girls, almost to a one, binge watch Netflix, usually while cooking and eating something sweet, and hanging out to gossip usually at a starbucks.

BTW- every woman manager I've worked with (or unhappily for) was a consensus manager. Not a leader. It's in their nature and it isn't a methodology for leadership positions.

Anonymous said...

I love the unspoken presupposition that men have it all and for free...