Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mandatory Listening

I like podcasts because I dislike reading. Reading you have to focus your eyes on and therefore can't be walking or running or doing anything else.  So it shouldn't be too hard for you to listen to this.

I cannot emphasize enough how Murray Rothbard CLEARLY and PRECISELY explains a lot of the things I've/we've talked about here.  Additionally he is VERY succinct.  It is lengthy, but then again you should be running or listening to this in your car or something.


Ecclesiastes said...

Ah, yes. The academic derivation of pure Capitalist anarchy. Beautiful.

In the real world, however, there really are few enough predatory men so that a life of confiscation works out just fine for them. The State is force, power, I have no quarrel with that point. It is a necessary thing, though.

I'm a full grown adult man. Beautiful dreams don't put meat in the beans. I don't have any problem doing ugly unpopular things. You want to roll back the US government, I'm with you, just don't be juvenile about it.

MGTOW is a very good start. Let's go with that for a bit.

Andrew said...

Hey Cappy, you do any PC gaming?

Aaron said...

I used to read all the time while walking. One time I read several chapters, looked up and realized I was at my junior high instead of my high school. :)

Anonymous said...

Murray Rothbard was amazing. His books are very good - clear as you say. I am currently reading "Austrian Perspectives on the History of Economics", a really surprising work (mainly for the number of philosophers and theologians who have contributed to economics - names such as Aquinas that one doesn't ordinarily associate with economics. Many of his books are available in Kindle editions, and are excellent value.

Koop said...

Thanks for the link. Rothbard was a modern Bastiat, it seems.

Tam said...

"I dislike reading."

Sometimes I don't know who you are.

Breaker Morant said...

"The Legend of Colton H. Bryant"

I know you don't like to read but this book is a view of "Your Wyoming." Author attacks the oil and gas industry a little to much for my taste, but pretty good anyway and the general tone fits a lot of your Hustle stuff. ie -babies out of wedlock and so forth.