Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Higher Education Bubble by Glenn Reynolds

Book Review of "The Higher Education Bubble"

"The Higher Education Bubble" by Glenn Reynolds has a common criticism about it and that is it's too short.  I too was expecting a book of some kind, but then realized it was not meant to be a book, but is rather part of a series of essays.

You would think "well if it's not a book, then why would I read an essay?" But there is a darn good reason you would probably want to consider Dr. Reynold's book over my own - time.

Books take time to read. Time a lot of people don't have.  But because of the importance of the education bubble and how it affects everyone the essay form may actually be a better format to deliver the bad (but realistic and necessary) news. Also consider who would benefit most from reading about the education bubble - high school juniors and seniors.

Have you noticed the attention span on today's kids?

It is because of this that Dr. Reynold's book is strongly recommended and may be a better vehicle to get into and change the minds of today's impressionable and galactically ignorant youth.

There is, however, an additional "benefit" "The Higher Education Bubble" has over my own book - it's not political.

Though "Worthless" I think is much more fun and delivers mockery and ridicule where it rightly belongs, it can AND HAS turned people off because of its politics, namely people who probably are of the lefter leaning stripe, but would ironically be some of the larger beneficiaries of reading it.  Dr. Reynold's book does not have this insulting flair and so would be a better candidate for getting people to lend out their ears. 

Regardless of which route you care to go of educating yourself or a younger loved one about the education bubble, I would recommend "The Higher Education Bubble" because of its brevity and non-partisanship. 

If you want to laugh your ass off, however, and hear anecdotes of me getting sent to the principal's office because I told my 7th grade teacher "it must be tough teaching a language you and the students have been speaking their entire lives" then I'd recommend "Worthless."

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