Friday, September 28, 2012

Who Wants to Marry Sandra Tsing Loh!

Now don't all rush at once boys.

Who wouldn't want to marry this fine specimen of modern day American female bliss?

Touting the superiority of women over men because they earn the majority of degrees (in "Worthless Crap Studies" that avoids calculus at all costs).

Touting their superior employment prospects (in fields that are not only non-producing fields, government, education, nonprofits, but bubbles themselves until the money runs out).

Takes 18 pages to make a simple, yet, invalid point.

And the added benefit of being a 30 something woman who still thinks she has the sexual market place value of a 25 year old (because she IS EDUCATED!).

Why, who wouldn't want to scoop this gem up right away!?

End sarcasm

Boys, but especially ladies, I want you to pay attention to this.  THIS is what you get.  Could you imagine living with this woman?  There would be no love, no care, no kindness.  Just a constantly "Whatever you can do I can do better" vendetta competition.  I cannot think of a quicker way to ruin my life than spend time with this.  And don't think that Ms. Loh is a rarity.  This is common.  AND don't think it goes away when women turn 30.  It merely magnifies itself to rationalize things away.

And again, ladies, you have a choice.  Support men or fight them.

Guess which one is not only more productive, but is going to make you happier.


post post - what a freaking catch -  Loh wrote about her divorce in a 2009 article for The Atlantic, where she has been a contributing writer for several years, focusing mostly on parenting and family issues. She explained at the time that, as a parent and full-time writer, "I did not have the strength to 'work on' falling in love again in our marriage."[6] She also admitted to cheating on her husband.[7]

You go grrrrl!


Ras Al Ghul said...

You send her to the Social Pathologist, since he agrees with her.

Phil Galt said...

Instead of being a castrating, unmarriageable harpy, today’s reproductively and economically free female, Mundy asserts, is the trigger for a challenging but exciting new social order.

*Danger Will Robinson! Danger!*

Buzzword like the above put me on my guard. One of the more common tropes in the corporate arena was to label things as "Challenging" and "Exciting" and even "Opportunities", instead of cynical (but more honest) terms like "next to impossible" or "net loss". While I could be wrong, I'm pretty sure the captain of the Titanic did not describe their situation as an "Exciting challenge to learn to swim."

Pulp Herb said...

Best comment on this was by James Taranto over at the WSJ

“Well, allow us to inject a male point of view. Suppose you’re the purportedly perfect man–a guy who has the qualities of Messers. X, Y, Z and Q all rolled into one. Why would you want to spend 90 minutes, much less a lifetime, with someone who’d rather scream at you than change a light bulb herself?”

Anonymous said...

"Who Wants to Marry Sandra Tsing Loh!"
It appears she's a real prize, like winning a pack of rabid pitbulls chained to an IED.

Anonymous said...

Tsing Loh, sweet chariot....


Take The Red Pill said...

"...because she IS EDUCATED..."

Educated??? In her her own mind, maybe. She may be SCHOOLED (and well-schooled, at that), but she's NOT 'educated'!

If going to school makes you 'educated', does going to a garage make you a car?

Andrew said...

The worst part about non-producing bureaucratic jobs?

NoSQL database architectures make them easy to automate, and unlike factory staff who can learn to maintain the robots that replaced them, white collar drones won't have the beginnings of the skill set to care for such systems. THEY ARE FUCKED.

Regardless of economic conditions, white collar drone work is dead in 10 years.

Bill said...

One of the stupidest things a man (or boy) can do is let his emotions carry him into marriage, especially if one is under, say, 30 --or even 40. I'm a classic example of not following that advice. Unlike the logorrheic Ms Loh, I'll spare you the details. Just let your imaginations play with it.

Don't do it. Don't marry her unless you're absolutely sure she loves you, adores you, admires and respects you and will follow you anywhere. Anything less will end up in unhappiness or expensively -- quite likely both. In divorce she and her lawyer will take no prisoners, grant no mercy.

Capt Bill

Pirran said...

Err...I think you mean 50 something not 30, Cap. She was born in early '62.

But as an newly divorced ex performance artist (who could guess?), she's an even better bet now. Her friends sound particularly sublime.

The comments are wonderful. The narcissistic nobody is ripped a new one by practically every new comment, something that wouldn't have happened even 5 years ago on The Atlantic. Word is getting out that the Empress has no clothes and when you're a 50 something riot grrll, that's not a pretty sight.

Anonymous said...

As for women and higher education, one thing wich has not been said but needs to be sai, is that women are lousy teachers in school, and lousy lecturers in university, the latter fit only for male ridicule. In school I had only two reasonably good female teachers, and an unfortunately small number of male teachers, all of whom were good. In university I had one female lecturer. Now the typical university crawls with them.

I might also add that art - painting - is largely a male occupation, where successful. I hate to encounter women in an art gallery. I liked the days of 30 years ago, visiting art galleries in the Netherlands, when I could on a weekday. There I could see the works of great (male) painters, disturbed only by bad-tempered male guards, who mostly kept out of my way.

kurt9 said...

I think its much more fundamental than feminism, per se. The basic trait one looks for in a marriage partner is simply agreeableness. I enjoy the company of agreeable people. I dislike being around disagreeable people, whether they be feminist or not. Disagreeable people are just unpleasant to be around.

Anonymous said...

> The worst part about non-producing bureaucratic jobs?
> NoSQL database architectures make them easy to automate,

Oh, you're this guy:

SQL is not the problem standing in the way of automating bureaucracies.

Anonymous said...

I knew I'd heard that name before, so I binged her, and this gem came up. Seems she's been attention ho-ing for years, and is simply becoming progressively more desperate as she ages and people tolerate her schtick less:

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting(actually predictable)that the women who commented, rather than discussing the article or adding something to the conversation, criticized the men's comments for tone or choice of words. They find nothing wrong with the article, its contents or message but someone's tone in a comment is worthy of criticism.

It's always about them, isn't it?

Kinda proves the point, doesn't it?

Pulp Herb said...

@Anonymous 11:39PM

Oh, you're this guy:

SQL is not the problem standing in the way of automating bureaucracies.

Thank you...I really needed that this morning.

Unknown said...

These women are going to be shocked if the economy collapses to the point all their make-work jobs go away.

Take The Red Pill said...

Bob Wallace: "These women are going to be shocked if the economy collapses to the point all their make-work jobs go away."

It's not 'if', but 'when' -- 'make work' jobs are not indefinitely sustainable. Women can scream and bitch and blame men and 'patriarchy' as much as they want when the well eventually runs dry, but it won't change anything. And they will learn the full meaning of the phrase, "to burn your bridges behind you."

It's been said before, but it bears repeating: "The thing about socialism is that it eventually runs out of other people's money".

Enjoy the decline.

Bill said...

Re my earlier comment:

I was ambiguous in my rant on marriage. I wasn't talking about Loh in particular, but was addressing men, women and marriage in general.

Again, don't do it unless you're absolutely sure you've engaged the right one chaps, and for the right reasons. If you don't it could ruin you.

In the meantime, enjoy meeting and hanging out with smart women of quality. Make no commitments unless it's absolutely right. Should any gal start talking about "equality" in marriage, drop her and move on.

Capt Bill (aka The Billster)

Anonymous said...

Men loves, women choose. period.
women, nowadays, are unable to love men, until you are not able to “game” your wife, your are a thug, a famous man..and even in this situations it would be not love either..

Love, for men, is a poisonus state of mind that alter his normal rational behavior to act accordly to women’s within the nature of men..

so..Would you permit a drunk man to drive a car? that’s the reason why you won’t permit a man to marry a woman just because of love either..

That’s why women are always looking for “a man who (really)loves her”, the reason is easy to understand, women are UNABLE to give love, just to receive and deal with it in the right ways (for her and his offsprings..).

Once dropped the Alpha – carousel, the parasitic behaviors toward men for genetic reasons, drives each woman to the same goal: she need to find a man that loves her, so he won’t mind of his past and marry her, support her, gives her everythings she needs.

When a beta man feel love for her, he will be easy to trick in a relationship to become a provider and would be also easy for a woman to enslave him as a sex-slave with the pussypowha(r) and the uneven State laws, so the fematrix will last forever.

Let me be straight.. until men won’t understand the true nature of women, im happy they will be ruined by women, since most people are not empathic enought to trust and believe what happens between men and women almost worldwide, not only in US or UK..

And for those who (happly?) married, a word of advice: it’ doesn’t matter how your “game” is good, how much smart you are, you have a divorce damocle’s sword on your head.

Don’t marry. period. if you marry, you abide to become a slave, and if you are going to divorce in the future, blame yourself only!

The Duke from Italy.

Anonymous said...

Sandra Tsing Loh is mentally ill, as are a lot of the women who think like her. There's no other explanation for it. She's nuts. Don't try to draw broader lessons about women from her. Seriously. She's going it up the rails on the crazy train. Etc.

Dorsey47 said...

This is a gem from her wikipedia article:

KCRW canceled her weekly radio commentary, The Loh Life, after an engineer neglected to bleep her on-air utterance of the word "fuck" during a segment on knitting that aired on 22 February 2004.

Cussing and knitting go together like feminism and marriage.