Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Help the Captain Out

OK lieutenants, economists, and Cappy Cappites,

help me out here.

What are the larger/major internet radio shows you listen to?

I got Tom Leykis and Silvio Canto.

That's it.

I'm having a hard time thinking up of others because I just don't know of other internet radio shows and would presume the thousands of minds out there in the Capposphere might know of a local broadcaster or podcaster who does have a little bit of pull.

Reason I'm asking is that the rate of return on advertising dollars is MUCH higher with internet radio than it is with regular radio, even the Drudge Report.

In short, trying to put together a directory of significant podcast/internet radio programs to not only help them out, but make a larger and more important point about advertising.

Thanks for your input in advance!



Anonymous said...

Hardcore History / Common Sense with Dan Carlin.

The "Social Engineering Podcast" (computer security) when they're discussing something interesting.

Joe Rogan's podcast occassionally, although he's usually stoned out of his mind.

Anonymous said...

The Corbett Report is also quite interesting.

sth_txs said...

Jim Puplava at Financialsense.com. You now have to pay for some podcast since he used to be free for many years, but he still offers a 2 or 3 podcast per week with minimal advertising only at the beginning.

He looks at most economic issues from an Austrian perspective. He offers some advice about retirement and other personal finance.

I've learned a lot from his program over the years.

Anonymous said...

im not sure if youre including podcasts in this but the joe rogan experience is pretty big.

Eric Mueller said...

I listen to Adam Kokesh's "Adam vs the Man" podcast and James Corbett's "Corbett Report".

Eric B said...


Anonymous said...

Cappy, you must, MUST get on the ADAM CAROLLA podcast ... he's a comedian with a very large podcast audeince AND his political beliefs are quite similar to yours.

Dave S.

Roberto Severino said...

Look up Penn Jillette's Sunday School. That's a podcast that's been growing in popularity. Penn likes to talk about his libertarian beliefs a lot whenever he's interviewed. Other than that, I can't think of anything even slightly related to politics that I could mention that would constitute as a podcast according to your standards. The rest are comedy.

Anonymous said...

Peter Schiff Show

BB said...
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BB said...

Adam Carolla's podcast(s). He spends monumental time railing against taxes, the decline of civility, and the fallacy of big government.

JudgyBitch said...

Wait! You can listen to the radio!? On the internet?!

Holy shit!

Wah! I'm officially old.

JudgyBitch said...

Wait! You can listen to the radio?! On the internet?!

Wah! I'm officially old.

Love your site, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Peter Schiff show:


Anonymous said...

Peter Schiff show:


newrebeluniv said...

There is radio on the internet? Why would anyone want that?

--Professor Hale

Anonymous said...

I know she's local; Madison and Milwaukee, WI....BUT she doesn't pull her punches!


jaericho said...

Jason Lewis

Anonymous said...

The adam carolla podcast.

Joseph said...

I enjoy Mike Church's show on XM 125.

ar10308 said...

Adam Carolla's Podcast.

Anonymous said...

Adam Carolla podcast

Anonymous said...

Free Talk Live is heard on several stations, satellite, and over the internet at lrn.fm.

Unknown said...

Keith and The Girl

New York based comedy talkshow with a HUGE pull equal to corolla if not surpassing him. Worldwide listenership though quite liberal.


Unknown said...

Keith and The Girl

New York based comedy talkshow with a HUGE pull equal to corolla if not surpassing him. Worldwide listenership though quite liberal.


Unknown said...

Keith and The Girl.

New York-based comedy talkshow with a habit of hashing out issues and news items between the male conservative and female liberal co-hosts.

Has a worldwide listenership equal to or surpassing Corolla.


Bill said...

I'm unaware of anything coming out of Canada, but if one doesn't mind listening to TV sound track like radio, Canadians here might find Ezra Levant interesting on the Sun News Channels.
Ezra is pro-Capitalist, libertarian-conservative, pro-Israel, opposes "human rights" commissions, Obamunism, and so forth.

Anonymous said...

Bill Burr's monday morning podcast.

JE Gonzalez said...

As per the Adam Carolla example; he was a carpenter for many years... a real job

Anonymous said...

Adam Carolla Show
Dave Champion Show
Peter Schiff Show

First two from iTunes, Schiff from his site.

SM777 said...

Alex Jones



Anonymous said...

Bill Burr has a good podcast.

Anonymous said...

Another vote for Adam Carollas podcast.

heresolong said...

Michael Medved
Lars Larson
David Bose

out of the Pacific NW

Dennis Miller always looking for an entertaining speaker and based on your video shorts, you should qualify.

heresolong said...

Disregard. I missed the "internet shows" requirement.


7man said...


The Hagmann & Hagmann Report has a huge following and they might have you as a guest.


Anonymous said...

These have all already been said, but Adam Carolla, Joe Rogan and Peter Schiff.

Erasmus said...

Free Domain Radio and Adam vs. The Man.

Anonymous said...

Survival Podcast and The No Agenda Show

Mutnodjmet said...

Captain: As you have a fondness for the ladies, there are 2 you may want to contact:

Teri O'Brien - Conservative Warrior Princess


On the Dark Side with Kira Davis

Kira was the creator of a very popular video: http://www.facebook.com/events/132426296919290/?ref=ts&fref=ts

Marcos Dutra said...

Hagmman & Hagmman is excellent.
Gary Bell, the Spaceman, a conspiracy show from Toronto.
Alex Jones, of course.
Henry Makow, when he had a show.
Tom Leykis seems to be back with a show. He is the granddaddy of Roosh, Roissy and all manosphere guys.

Steven W. said...

Leykis, and Coast to Coast. (George Noory/Art Bell)