Thursday, January 24, 2013

Why are Ex-Commies Pro-Gun?

Amazing how people who lived under communism are all telling us to keep our guns.


Pat Sullivan said...

Well that is why the Founding Fathers, wrote these rights into the US Constitution. They realized a lot of people, are too stupid to understand the basic principles of a free society.

Talk to anyone, that has lived under a dictatorship. They understand the importance of rights and freedom.
And what about the people living in a free society? Well lets face it, a lot of people take these rights for granted. And besides, Dances With The Stars, starts in twenty minutes.

Midknight said...

Sadly, these attitudes are not universal amongst all who lived under the thumb and otherwise understand well enough to take issue with the evils of communism, as I had a chance to discover just the other day.

Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Hell, even the Russian paper, PRAVDA -- formerly the slave mouthpiece of communism -- ran a pro-2nd amendment article online:

Alexander Korchagin said...

Well, as a russian i can say - why. We know where this train goes. First they ask you to turn in your guns... than - gulag, repression, and finally collapse.
Seeing retrospective - we can say, that's not a way you wish to go through.