Sunday, February 02, 2014

Girls, Please Stop Mutilating Your Bodies

Just a simple request from an old man.


Usagi Yojimbo said...

*standing fucking ovation with Arsenio Hall's dog pound barking in the background*

Well said, sir. Well said.

It is quite depressing. Especially the pretty ones that do this to themselves. Work with what you have to make yourself better looking. Metal and ink don't improve anything.

I have slept with women who have nipple piercings, hood piercings, and tongue piercings. The hood piercings hurt like hell when I tried to stimulate the areal, the tongue piercing hurt me when she tried to blow me to the point I had to have her remove it. and I got caught on those damned nipple piercings. Enhancing the sensation my fanny. All those things that are supposed to augment sensation for lovers didn't do it for me. Masochist I am not.

I can't do it myself. My motto with this: "if it isn't replacing something I desperately need to live, move, or breathe, I don't want it on or in my body. If you are putting something into my body, it better be saving my ass." I see no utility or need for it. I would rather spend money on a gym membership or a book than get some of this stuff. This mutilation is expensive, and people blow money on this with no return of investment. Waste of money.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU. Was beginning to think it was just me (an early -50s guy near the Peoples Republic of Seattle).

Anonymous said...

A tattoo or a non-ear piercing is an automatic -9 in the looks scale for me. I'm physically repulsed by the stupid creatures who make themselves look not human through their mutilation. I figured out why that was - I see things like tattoos as akin to gangrenous skin - and the ULTIMATE turnoff for most people is disease.

Anonymous said...

Degenerate behavior among Western women is in rapid ascension these days. We're talking about large tattoos, piercings, fake tits, skrillex haircuts, regular boozing, chain smoking (multiple packs a day!) and substance abuse (i.e. anything from weed to Anavar). These are the women that will become (or are) the mothers and grandmothers of the future. Combine this with the lack of decent female rolemodels, and you just know the West is f*cked.

Anonymous said...

Sometime the manosphere seems to love hating about something ...

Am I the only player in his early 30s who likes banging short-haired blondes with pierced bellies and tongues?

Maybee it's really just me ... ;)