Sunday, October 12, 2014

Beware of Made Up Words

Something that I hadn't had time to fully think through was why people (especially in academia) who used made up words gave me the heebee jeebees.  Any perusal of a women's studies course description or the a powerpoint presentation from a "diversity consultant" will leave (the sane) reader not only befuddle and perplexed, but asking the question, "WTF?"  More so the sane reader's survivalist instincts will kick in in the back of his brain saying, "Something ain't right here.  What are these people up to?  There is something nefarious going on."  And your instincts aren't wrong, because there is indeed something nefarious going on.

Take for example the handful of new vocabulary words I've learned thanks to Mr. Aurini.


Very hoity toity words.  Very high brow philosophy, and one might even conclude these terms are just as bogus as many made up academian ones.  However, just because they're high brow and not commonly part of most people's vernacular, doesn't mean they're not real words.  And the reason they are real words is because they describe a phenomenon that is naturally happening in the real world.  "Agency" is in part responsibility or purpose in life, a very real force that drives men's psychology today.  Misanthrope is a person who hate humanity.  And catharsis is basically an excuse for you to take all your frustrations out on a whipping boy.

Because these words describe real world phenomena they are practical.  They are useful.  They serve a function in describing something in the real world, allowing humans to identify, understand, describe and discuss them.

However, the same cannot be said about the ever-increasing faux-vocabulary that the left is manufacturing.

Take for example the words/phrases:

Raise awareness
or any one of these 812 other gender types

These words are, frankly, made up words.  And the reason the hair on the back of your head is being raised when you hear them is because their primary goal is NOT to define something that is real in the real world, but rather to serve two ulterior purposes (as far as my thinking takes me).

1.  The Ego

If there is one thing I want to get across to other people about leftist psychology it is that it is driven by LAZINESS and EGO.  Intellectual weaklings who are too lazy to work hard, try hard, and engage in studies of true and genuine rigor find it fanciful to create "studies" out of whole cloth.  This serves two purposes - it allows them to avoid any actual hard work, BUT also allows them to fool themselves into thinking they're actually intelligent and on par with truly accomplished individuals.  Humanities professors love nothing more than being called "Professor" or "Doctor" when the effort they put into their studies was a microscopic fraction of the work real doctors in real fields forfeited.  This is not only why they're typically pompous about their fabricated position in life, but also dismissive of people who "just don't understand" don't believe their poppycock profession is real.

2. Making You a Slave/Stealing Your Life

Well, technically they want to steal your money (which is LITERALLY nothing more than making you a slave to them) but the larger point is that ego and laziness tends not to produce anything of value in the real world.  And since the left is typically not productive they need other people's money.

Here, these made up words serve a great function because they manipulate the only way humans communicate.  While you're trying to figure out what the heck a leftist is saying, or trying to understand what these words mean, deep down inside you can't know what these words mean because they aren't intended to describe anything real.  This provides the smoke screen for a leftist to essentially say, "You owe me more of your money because of (fill in made up word/concept here)_______________" and if you disagree or don't know what they were trying to say, too bad.  You're a "simpleton" "uneducated," or (more typically) a racist, bigot, homophobe, etc.

But understand such linguistic manipulation was by design.  Since these words do not adhere to the laws and rules of the real linguistic world, it's as if they become a supernatural word amongst normal words much like Superman amongst normal human beings.  It can be used for any purpose because it is not anchored or handicapped to having to be a real word that describes something TRUTHFULLY, ACCURATELY and REAL.

It is here you commonly see words that at one time WERE real and DID describe something in reality, but have since been co-opted for political and theft-purposes.

and others

No doubt when you hear a politician, an activist, a non-profiteer, a media type or a professor using these words you immediately do not trust these people.

The larger point of this entire post, however, is to get you to identify these individual for what they truly are (using real words)


No matter how clever or complicated they think they're being
No matter how much of a ruse they throw up to make themselves seem smart (again faux degrees in the humanities fields attracts these charlatans)
And no matter how much they bluff about their intellectual superiority, they are nothing but


They want your money, but dare not have the courage like a street thug to come up and try to take it from you.  Ergo they employ the most cowardly, elongated tactic to rationalize stealing it - the liberal arts and indoctrination.  And after brainwashing enough youth through the education industry to believe in things and concepts that aren't real, they "peaceably" steal your life from you through when these brainwashed dolts go and vote as they were programmed to, allowing idiocracy and the state to steal your money/life.

That is why when you hear these words your instincts tell you not to trust such people.
That is why when you hear these faux words the hair on the back of your hair stands up.

It's just now it's gone from an instinctual suspicion of a parasite and thief, to a full blow frontal lobe identification and knowledge of this clear and present threat.


Aaron Clarey is a mean, republican jerky-head and says truthful thinks that hurts people's feelings.  He also wrote a lot of mean books that crushes dreams and destroys souls with devastating facts, reality, and economics.  He also heads up a consulting division called "Asshole Consulting" where people pay him to tell them the truth.  And rumor has it he kicks kittens and slingshots puppies.  You can visit his Youtube and Podcast channels if you want to hear more from this jerk.


l4k said...

Ironically, it is these victim studies professors who have unearned privilege, yet they are the ones have defined the term to mean those who fund their looting of the wealthy's money and their children's minds.

Malcolm said...

You are right about the pseudo-intellectuals wanting to be called "doctor". In contrast, I had a boss years ago who had a doctorate. I had worked with him for 9 months before I had heard about it, probably because he didn't need the ego-inflation of being called "doctor". His PhD was in physics; a genuinely smart and creative guy.

Andrew Spivak said...

Hugo Schwyzer the male feminist women's studies professor who turned out to be an insane junkie fraud is a prime example of this faux intellectualism.

Anonymous said...

So do something about it in real life, off of the internet captain. I do not see anyone in the manosphere doing that. All I see is a narcissistic popularity contest.

If you gentlemen actually gave two fucks about the world you would be waging war off of the internet and "taking action"(one of the manospheres made up words)

There is an old saying, "You shall know them by their fruits..." and my instincts tell me there is nothing but rotten apples this side of the internet. Far worse than any liberal cooked up. At least they have oversight committees. You Machiavellian boys can lie through your teeth and get away with it.

Even Danger and Play does not have the balls to take these bastards on in real life. You would think a self professed constitutional scholar would have the requisite endogenously produced testosterone to do so, but no. Which makes me think that you are just a bunch of Low T egoistic repressed homosexuals. No wonder you all love TRT.

Captain Capitalism said...

Anon 728

You know how funny your demands are coming from behind "Anonymous?"

Besides, you haven't read Enjoy the Decline have you?

That will give you your answer.

Stephen said...

Gonna have to disagree with you Aaron. They don't use made up words. They use made up definitions. This is far worse because it perverts the underlying premises of any discussion.

Privilege typically used to refer to an exclusive legal right to trade from a governing authority. Now it is any unearned advantage granted to a class of individuals from an anthropomorphized "society".

Just as an example.

Jame NZ said...

Here Here Aaron.

You are the man!!!

Tip of the Spear!!!

Jones said...

I know "retromingent" is a made-up word, but that doesn't keep me from expressing extreme joy every time I'm able to use it ...

Once you know what it means, you shall also enjoy the fruits of these labours, especially when you describe these depraved individuals in the future, obviously using the plural form. :-)

Anonymous said...

"Bigot" "Racist "Sexist"

All words that, when you get to the root, simply mean - "You are a no-good shit!"