Monday, October 20, 2014

Making Money Off of Stupid People

This was quite predictable.


Albert said...

What?! Nobody wants to hire a reaver for a respectable job? How could that _possibly_ happen?

Faithless Cynic said...

I live in a redneck, white trash area with many tattoo parlors. There are also large billboards advertising laser tattoo removal, along with lots of buy here, pay here used car lots, appliance rentals, and pawn shops. If you make bad choices there is ALWAYS someone to take advantage.

PS - I trust the average redneck 3 million percent more than a city bred welfare parasite. This is a pretty good place to live, all things considered.

liberranter said...

From the photo, the "repair job" looks worse than the original self-inflicted body vandalism.

I don't know about anybody else, but I look forward to hopefully living just long enough to see some of these stupid millennial fucktards reach late middle age with the consequences of their "youthful recklessness" still visible.

Peregrine John said...

O Faithless One, I know of entire towns, far from any building over 2 stories high, stuffed with welfare recipients. Trinity County, California has some great examples, in case you want to have a gander.

'Course, those aren't your average rednecks. Nor are the sleeved thugs.

Goober said...

Liberranter - there was no picture of the "repair job" posted with the article, at least not on my browser.

All I saw was an ear that had been expanded, one pic with the ring in, and one pic with the ring removed, leaving the shriveled up earlobe with a huge, droopy hole in it.

Where did you see a picture of the repair job?

Chip D said...

The premise is backwards. Capitalism fails because people are stupid. Because people are stupid and lazy, businesses make huge profits and rig the system and keep competition down. For capitalism to work, the citizens must be educated and diligent. They are not, so it struggles.