Friday, October 10, 2014

The Clarey Podcast #65

"Immature men" refusing to man up and marry
A listener bribes the ole Captain not to swear in one podcast
Cappy tells the story of returning the rental car in Zurich and then running 6 miles to the airport
The left may win, but are incapable of enjoying victory because they deep down inside are not a happy people
and the Troll of the Weak questions Cappy's notch count

in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Anonymous said...

The Food in Europe sucks? 30 euros an entre? You ate at the tourist trap restaurants. Either that or your friends hate you. I can get stuffed on 15 euros for a meal and beer and it's delicious. Hell, you can eat like a king at nearly all the farmers markets that are everywhere for just a few euros. Europe's got it's problems. Bad food ain't one of them.

Kristophr said...

Next time, cough up the cash for the GPS data.

The $150 I spent for Garmin data made my vacation in Australia a damned sight easier.

Driving on the left is tough enough, without having to screw with printed maps.

just some guy said...

Next time go to Cambodia and you can pay a driver to take you where you want to go.