Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The World Needs More Assholes

Remember, real consultants will lie to you.
Assholes tell you the truth.

If you got a problem in life, or just a question you want a second opinion on, visit the ole Captain's consulting division:

Asshole Consulting.


Anonymous said...

Sure does. These guys ( are assholes too. Its everything you need to train to become a System Administrator. Including actual practice exams, tips on how to prepare for the test, and cheat sheets with all your commands. Best of all you can download and share with your friends.

It is stuff they would never teach you in a college classroom. If your diligent you can complete it in less than a month.

Ofay Cat said...

If this is for real, it's brilliant. I always tell the truth and i know there are many who think I am an asshole. They don't talk to me ... so I am rid of a lot of wastes of skin. Life is simpler and much more fun.

Rumbear said...

Clearly, you need a lawyer, on retainer.....

I am sure we can work something out.