Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Why Big Oil Should 86 Their CSR Departments

"and replace them with me."

Language warning:


kurt9 said...

I had to look up to see what a "CSR department" was. I thought it meant something reasonable like "Customer Service" Department.

Anonymous said...

One thing you're forgetting about Captain...Government (DUN DUN DUNNNN!!!)

Leftists are big supporters of big government and regulation.

Activists have power over senators and govt. officials, who enforce REGULATIONS,and if companies don't at least look like they're making an effort at CSR, they can lose real money because politicians are pussies that actually take activists seriously, not for the environment but because they care about votes.

Having a section dedicated to CSR makes it easier for politicians to allow the companies to do what they will without too much public outcry.

Anonymous said...

Good points, Cappy. But I suspect CSR falls under advertising, or at least some sort of current expense. So they're not likely to stop throwing money at it, even if they know it's worthless drivel.

Rich Fader said...

Eh. There are benefits to it. I'd just agree with you that one of those benefits is not ever going to be getting the crusaders to shut up and find real jobs.

Anonymous said...

The best takedown of the CSR movement remains that published by The Economist as a special section in 2005. It's called 'The Good Company.'

Links to the other articles comprising this special section are available.

More than anything this article opened my eyes to the phoneyness of CSR.