Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The First and LAST European Clarey Podcast

In this episode:

Aaron delves into his economic observations of Italy and Switzerland,
As well as some historical and sociological observations about Italy's
fine highway system and all the painassery it entails.
He also notes how diversity is spreading in America in terms of
Ebola and beheadings
Wonders if leftists value diversity more than their lives
And reads a letter from a listener about what he would have done differently
at the age of 15.

All that and MORE in this episode of The Clarey Podcast!


Tim Wheaton said...

Sorry the trip didn't work out. I have had similar experiences.

I am surprised a man of your wide-spread knowledge didn't know about European roads. They have evolved simply from paths people used to walk, then had as much property built on them. Hence the small cars. Quite literally horses for courses.

If you didn't manage to have fun ragging a tiny little hatchback at it's limits round all those corners though, I'm gonna need you to turn in 1 man card. Out pacing the straight line warriors in the corners is where it's at!

caveman said...

this explains why all the Europeans i see at the grocery-store i work at look sickly and weak.

Alex in Australia said...

Dude, you should come to Australia. If you want to visit a country similar to the US, that would be Australia.

Andrew Spivak said...

Darn Captain. Disappointed to hear a new book from you won't be coming out for a while. Would have loved to read some new stuff this year. Just wondering if you've ever read Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey? It's about how he spent his time working as a Park Ranger in Arches National Park in Utah back in the 1950's. He was a true American conservative who loved guns, freedom, and drinking and passing wherever you wanted in the National Park. I would love a book about your adventures hiking in the SW and riding a bike to Alaska.

Anonymous said...

You are so funny. You get yourself small, underpowered cars and you complain. Well, brainwave get yourself a car with a big engine. They do actually exist.

Then you go to one of the world's greatest tourist traps: Como. Como is a tourist trap. So your choice failed.

Yep, driving around Como is terrible, but there is not much space on a mountain for a road which is why mountain roads are so narrow and winding.

You obviously went to Europe to drive. Driving in Italy isn't great but some of the Autostrade are OK. You should have gone to Germany and put your foot down on the Autobahn. Then you might have had some fun.