Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday Linkage

Businesses don't create jobs.  Golddigging wives who ride off of daddy's money, then hubby's political career do.

Dear MSM,  Thanks for your lunch, and yes, I am eating it.


Anonymous said...

"Businesses don't create jobs."

You've been brainwashed into thinking that men first need to have a job in order for them to work and provide for themselves and their families.

Humans have 100 billion neurons in their brains and before they can start becoming productive, they must get tons of academic credentials, then they must jump through hoops and loops, brown noze and suck up to HR ditzes, go through all sort of credit checks and psychological profiling etc. If you don't alreay have a job then they will not hire you etc.

After wasting their best years and getting into tons of debts, they end up not getting the job they studied for and they are struggling to pay their student loans by working part-time as a low income restaurant boss boy.

And I am talking about STEM graduates. Worthless graduates have it even worse.

ANTS have only 250,000 neurons in their brains and when it's time to get to work they simply GO and WORK. No paperwork, no HR, no credentials etc.

It would seem that the human species is a colossal waste of brain cells.

How stupid of the human species to make it extremely difficult to become a productive member of society.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone check this out? No wonder we are falling behind in math...

Robert What? said...

After commenting on a couple of left-wing blogs, I can tell you that the you didn't build that mentality runs deep in the Progressive sphere.

They tend to focus on the fact that government is responsible for defense, roads and other public infrastructure. (Not recognizing that government is abjectly failing on these primary missions. And not recognizing that those things are paid for by productive taxpayers like me.) But according to them, I really cannot take credit for the business I built and the people who I provide livelihoods to.

Anonymous said...

Hi Captain,

I've just seen your video about parents forcing you to go to college.

I haven't read the book worthless, but if it only talks about college then I propose you make a book about worthful trades.

You could partner with Mike Rowe to make this book about which trades high school students could choose to earn the valuable skills they will need to become hard working men and women capable of earning a decent living.

Success doesn't always have to go through college.

There is nothing wrong with being a plumber, electrician, oil rig roughneck etc.