Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Social Security and Medicare Simplified

From our resident artist Jorge (who intends on drawing several more political cartoons)


Anonymous said...

fails to mention that soc sec was paid into by those oldsters who are collecting. many younguns are collecting soc sec disability that have never paid into it. Don't buy into the lie that old folks are the problem. Soc Sec was fully funded - raided by the govt.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon maybe you should think about why gov raided it? Could it have anything to do with all the shit they wanted but didnt want to pay for? Please also explain what all the debt was used for each year as a bunch of old a holes expanded the scope of government.


Robert What? said...

Some of us "Boomers" are still in the productive classes. In many ways, I am in the same boat as the Gen-Xers and Millenials: working forever to support our retired cohorts who spent everything and saved nothing, are on dozens of prescription medications, and go to the doctor five times a week. Not to mention the tens of thousands of gubmit workers who have retired at 55 with three-figure taxpayer funded pensions. I am self-employed, and if I keep working, I will make too much to qualify for any gubmit benefits afforded to my less responsible cohorts, and not enough to take advantage of the generous tax loopholes afforded to my wealthy cohorts.

Anonymous said...

Baby boomers voted and supported the 3 failed and expensive wars (iraq part 1, afghanistan, and iraq part 2) and this bankedrupted the country.

Now the parasite baby boomers are intent on forcing the younger people to pay for their retirements.

Here's an idea for you baby boomers. Maybe you shouldn't have gotten us involved in THREE FAILED WARS which cost TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS and BANKRUPTED America?

Let the baby boomer scum rot. Most selfish and evil generation to ever exist.

Senior Manchild said...

I have some libertarian leanings, but am not against taking to the streets for some redistibution when they have manipulated to redistribute the wealth from below to those above; thinking more about the fed then social sec., med.

Anonymous said...

The vampires look too pretty. Serve them justice -- make them fat and bald ;)

Anonymous said...

N.B. The word "millennial" has two "n"s.

Will Brown said...

Wow. Impressive selection of snivel to cleanse the palate of all the stale whine.

Also, you kiddies do realize that the best possible blood source is your own blood restored to a pluripotent state? This scientific marvel brought to you by all those (let's see; how did that go ... oh yes) "selfish, evil, scum" boomer generation researchers who quite unrepentantly acknowledge that they do indeed want to keep right on living healthy lives, and don't at all mind you doing so as well.

The whole "at the expense of the younger set" thing is just the icing on the now grow up and change your own diapers cake.

maxx said...

Blaming every ill on the previous generation has been happening from time immemorial. My baby boomer generation thought that we had all the answers and that our parents generation should move aside, much as they thought about their parents.

You will find Captain, much to your surprise, that twenty years from now you will be the target of the new young generation.

If the younger generations are so concerned why do they keep supporting the left? Why are they not marching in the streets to end socialism?

Captain Capitalism said...


You boomers were handed heaven.

And you fucked it up.

You personally may not have and made all the right choices. But NEVER in the history of the world has a generation been given everything and completely pissed it away.

And yes, the successive generations are worse. But you guys started it. And history will NEVER forget it.

Will Brown said...

So, Captain, every member of the Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon administrations were "boomers" in your estimations? Or are you seriously trying to argue that all the political economic pandering that created the economic conditions we currently suffer under are actually the responsibility of the children of the day? I was born in 1953 and I'm regarded as being mid-range boomer. The first election I was eligible to directly participate in was in 1974; what political/economic policy or program dating from that year or subsequent doesn't have its origination in an earlier program or policy?

I understand the frustration of my generation having shown absolutely no willingness to even seriously consider correcting our economic policy inheritance (I do plan to live for many decades into the future, oppositional bus drivers permitting), but I submit that is a very different category of complaint and burden of responsibility.

Glen Filthie said...

I am either a tail end Boomer or leading edge Gen X - born in 1964.
If I am a boomer that was handed everything on a silver platter, it is news to me. I don't know how many jobs I've had. I got my first 'real' job when I was 35. The longest I've ever worked in one place is 6-1/2 years. My 'career' resembles that of a Gen X far more than the Boomers with their Freedom 55, their big houses and RV's with marble washrooms and countertops.

But - unlike our esteemed Captain, I have a more mature attitude toward all this. First - caring for the elderly isn't unfair; it's LIFE. Deal with it. It is part and parcel of a civilized man's responsibilities.

Second: perspective. My granddad was in two world wars. Got shot up in the trenches in the first and was a lowly camp cook in the second. He rode around on the roofs of trains with the other bums looking for work in the Dirty 30's. He slept in flop houses, ate at soup kitchens, and sent any money he made home to his wife and kids. He hit the big time when he scored a job in the coal mines where he shovelled coal for 12 hours a day after the second world war. He was a high roller when his career peaked in the 1950's when he became a professional brick layer. He bought his first car when he was in his 50's. None of this is exaggeration or hogwash, guys. I never once heard him complain. Fact is you boys have it pretty damned good.

Today I am mortgage free. I can afford to tell my present employer to FOAD if he gets stupid and go hunting or fishing to clear my head and prepare for my next job. I may not be rich but I am free, and getting there was as hard for me as it is for you younger guys. It takes time. Be patient, work hard, and keep your chin up.

I refuse to complain too. My life and destiny are my own, I will play the cards that life dealt me just as my grandfather did, and I will ignore the taunts and petty whining of my elders just as I ignore yours. Life is too short, and I have better things to do than feel sorry for myself.

Anonymous said...

You boomers are disgusting ... all of you trying to deflect blame.

If I were in office medicare and s.s. would end yesterday.

I dont care if old people are thrown into the streets, the rest of us have a right not to be robbed.

We can't afford children of houses, but we have to pay for your decaying carcass? No thanks.