Sunday, October 19, 2014

Lazy Sunday Linkage

The most depressing podcast ever from The Black Brigade.

1950's grade distribution at Princeton.

Obama's crony czar won't start the made up position for his crony job for 5-6 months.

Parents can pay for their childrens' college, but can't find out about their grades.

Daddy, what's a Social Justice Warrior?  Well...they're scum, son.  Just verminous scum.

The 1950's were better because of the people, not that they needed only one income.

Oh noesies!!!  Eliteist book publishers are being destroyed by Amazon.  Oh noesssss!!!!!


My $0.02 said...

The tuition thing isn't a huge problem for the parents because the parents still have the bargaining chips of cash if they're paying for their child's education. So if the student has grades that the parents don't approve of, they can cut off the tuition money and prevent the student from going to college again.

Sanne said...

Thanks for the link!

mts1 said...

Love the thrifty homemaker link. 1960: get married out of high school to your girl. Neither of you "played the field" and so you spend your adulthood only knowing each other's love. You're surrounded by other married for life couples, so you accept your jamoke (jamokette) and make the best of it. You get established in your workplace to where you know it'll be there, and you'll be with them, long enough to raise kids. The employer trained you, so not only did it not cost you, you made income too. She has a day job at Sears or working a bank window. You had a cheap honeymoon at Niagara Falls or Vegas, but lived in a 3 flat saving money for a down payment and furniture. She got the first bun in the oven, you made do a bit in the flat, then got a nicer place and a work car since you moved off the bus line. Money went to lay-a-way for furniture (real lumber to last a lifetime, none of this 5 year lifespan pressed board crap) and appliances. Home is your only debt. 2014: you both marry after a long line of lovers and know you settled and resent this lesser of choices. Bridezilla has a humongous wedding, so you have no nest egg. You cobble a loan program for a McMansion and get 2 Excursions on Ford credit, get your crappy cardboard laminate furniture from the rental center, buy video games, cable, 7 tvs, and eat out every night. You both still have student debt even though your careers have been going on for quite a while. Your parents had you when they were broke but debt free; you put off kids until you're "set," a time that will never come if you keep living eyeballs in debt.

Like the old Laurel/Hardy line, "Another fine mess you've gotten us into." I've noticed how so many old women who lived "in chains" as "baby machines" under patriarchy are happy old women, while younger liberated and totally free women are bitter, the more free the angrier.