Saturday, April 11, 2015

"Cougars" Getting "Catfished"

I love this woman.  She comes outright and says it.  Women in their 50 are getting desperate.  And scamming them has never been easier.


nmitest said...

I'm surprised there is no mention of this, or exploration of this, in the various player forums.

I guess old chicks arent worth the money for most people

beta_plus said...

I have to wonder how this is broken down by region in Canada. Ontario and Vancouver women have been acting outrageously towards men since at least the mid 1990s, letting their hypergamy run wild while voting to confiscate the property of low value males. There is a reason Mystery is from Toronto. While I would hate to find out women in Montreal were targeted, I can't say that I'd feel very sorry for the ladies of Mississauga.

SM777 said...

This is another manifestation of the fact that women greatly outnumber men at age 50. This of course, is due to the shorter male lifespan and this situation starts at age 35.

I also noticed that the radio announcer calls this a "sick game". Really? Just like the sick game younger women play with younger men between 15 and 25?

What goes around comes around......

SM777 said...

Here is the youtube link:

SM777 said...

Here is one of the comments from the youtube site:

" trainwreck1993 2 days ago
And........In Canada Women Divorce there husbands that have good jobs and receive cash for life in Alimony. Its called the marriage scam. "

Take The Red Pill said...

nmitest said...
"...I guess old chicks aren't worth the money for most people."

Who needs to get involved in the troubles and problems of a formerly-spoiled and ungrateful harlot who wouldn't have given you the time of day when they were twenty to thirty years younger?
Women have burned their bridges behind them by treating young guys like crap when they were also young.
They made their beds, now they have to sleep in them ALONE.

Maria_GF said...

I'm from the UK, so things may be slightly different here, but as a bisexual woman, the 'cougar' trend fascinates me. Back in highschool when I was starting to explore, I dated a mix of young men (20s) and women (mostly mid 30s up). In college I went to all the usual hang outs to meet men, as well as various known lesbian bars. Back then it was fairly normal for older women to hook up with younger women just starting out. In fact, among the gay women I knew it was pretty much the norm. The older women would show you the ropes, give you freedom to experiment with whatever you liked and sometimes helped you out financially or with contacts for various things.

I enjoyed both men and women and dated a few girls my own age as well, but the older women I found especially captivating due to what I perceived to be power both in and out of the bedroom (and in hindsight, because they knew how my body worked far better than I did). I'm now in my late 30s and still date men my age and younger, but have started to find younger women interesting also. I would still date an older woman (I have a thing for posh dommes), but I think I've started to move into the experienced cougar realm myself and the idea of teaching a younger 'kitten' fascinates me. I wonder if the straight men dating cougars view older women in the same way that I did back in my younger days. The arrangement seems to be very similar; one of mentor and student.

I won't pretend to understand how the 'baby panic' of straight women plays into their dating game, as I've known from a young age that I only wanted to be an aunt and had no preference for marriage. I imagine this does effect the type of relationship they look for with men, as they need a financial provider by their 30s. The majority of gay women I've met don't seem to experience that panic and instead take a more creative approach to household roles. The 'gold-digger' behaviour of women marrying just for money seems incredibly shallow and cold and I feel incredibly fortunate that I don't have to involve myself in those sorts of games. I can appreciate why some men are retaliating (schemes such as those mentioned in the original post being one example).

I wish everyone happiness and love in whatever form, and in the meantime, I'll continue to watch the straight cougar trend with interest!