Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Guys, Just Do It

Seriously, best money I ever spent.  Help me, help you.  Help me, help you!

You will thank me later.


Glen Filthie said...

I'll handle this Aaron. You do okay on manly advice for the most part but you are verging on manly issues you are too young to comment with authority on.

Boys, as you come up on 50 ear and nose moss are only one issue. You will slowly start to transform from man to ape ... Your body hair will slowly be replaced by fur...and your furry patches will start to expand.

Forget about toilet paper. You will never be able to get your ass clean by wiping again. Use soap and water or your skid marks will betray you.

Your balls will become a nuisance too. They will sweat and produce odours that can knock a buzzard off the outhouse at 75 yards. Talcum is the only remedy I know of ... And soap and water.

Get some good optics on your guns. Yeah, I know you can shoot the flea off an elk's ear at 200 with iron sights, kid... But when you hit 50 those iron sights don't work anymore.

Finally , consider installing a hand wheel on that little valve behind th toilet, and a garbarator on the crapper's discharge.

That's probably enough for now- I'm probably frightening the younger fellas...

Black Poison Soul said...

That's a helluva lot cheaper than the one I was forced to buy in NZ. Looks better too, mine isn't immersible.

With Glen on this: ear, nose, earlobe, neck, beardline, eyebrows. I suppose that you could do a trim back down there if you have trouble with TP.

Definitely good optics on the guns.

ray said...

Hey uh 'Glen' -- every time I see a comment by you, it's indistinguishable from the yammering of some fat, spoiled-brat, fifty-year-old feminist hag.

No way do I believe you have balls, but I do believe you have trouble with rash under your tits from Chronic Sweat Syndrome!

If by the faintest chance you actually ARE male, pls. do us all a favor and consider a sex-change operation. You've proven you cannot be honest with us. At least be honest with yourself.