Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Debating the $15/hr Minimum Wage Debate with Leftists

A video request, but some economic goodness within:


Anonymous said...

Leftism is a cult. It doesn't even pay to talk to them in person much less facebook or text messaging because of their distorted view of reality.

Dan said...

You can't debate with 'leftists' or whatever label you wish to apply to liberals. They are not governed by logic, facts or reality. They live by emotion.
Attempting to 'debate' or 'reason' with them is a futile and pointless waste of energy.
All that can be done with such is to try and keep them isolated is such a way that the damage they cause is minimal and contained to areas of society that are less important. When the left manages to acquire power and influence the result is shockingly witnessed by the sad state of what was once an economy more powerful than nearly the rest of the world combined.