Thursday, April 16, 2015

The "Signal Values" of Credentials is Eroding

It's hard to believe, but employers (and pretty much everybody else) are starting to realize that having a college degree means absolute jack crap.  This in turn means the value of degrees is going down AND that the charlatans in academia may actually have to find real jobs.


Joe Richards said...

Some degrees more worthwhile than others. An engineering or hard science (hard science is a science without the word science in the title) can still help you get a job

Anonymous said...

No shock; what's really the difference between entry level candidates w/ college degrees striving for the lottery-career type fields (like sales, marketing, PR, and others that often hire for subjective reasons versus objective "can you do this?" ones like computer science)?

Yes, some things will indicate being successful more than others (example: being an attractive, personable person is going to be helpful for landing one of these jobs, while being an average looking, socially awkward person will be hurtful), but in general, it is hard to tell the difference between the girl who majored in fashion merchandising that got a job, and the one that didn't.

If you want to get a good job, then you have to be able to offer your employer something on day 1. In some ways unreasonable, but the boomer generation and various other liberals have helped create a society where millions are desperate for a white collar job, to justify the years, money, and energy put into a degree.

liberranter said...

A very good start. Now hopefully in the near future the same people will wake up to the realization that many professional "certifications" ("Project Management Professional" [PMP] is an example that comes quickly to mind) are just as worthless as college degrees.