Friday, April 03, 2015

Stay Frosty, Boys

Stay the freak frosty.



liberranter said...

Should these little bitches be proven to have been colluding and lying to the police for the purposes of aiding and abetting malicious prosecution, I sincerely hope that young Mr. Kost successfully sues the living shit out of every last one of them, to the point where they'll have to prostitute themselves on street corners for the rest of their miserable lives to even begin to be able to pay the full amount of compensatory and punitive damages awarded.

One can always dream, can't one?

kurt9 said...

Young guys,

You are definitely better off living overseas. There is no reason to even think of putting up with this kind of shit in this country any longer.

Man. Cla. said...

They deserve a minimum of a full decade of their lives in prison, no parole, no getting out early. That's just an absolute minimum. That's some seriously evil shit they did.