Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Women Are Wedded to the Government

Like school teachers
Social workers
and all the other government make-work jobs,

women disproportionately have easier, but overpaid and completely unnecessary make work careers at the expense of the taxpayer.

And feminists still complain about it.


Joe Richards said...

I think we actually need the teachers. And since I really really don't want to be a teacher, I'm glad the women are stepping in and picking up the slack.

On the other hand we've had social workers for decades, and everything has gotten worse. So can probably do better without them.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

An article last year about a shortage of male teachers in South Australia due partly to the concerns over false allegations had the (female) Education Minister say "I think more men need to get into teaching, it's still a great career path", but she forgot to say " as long as you don't get accused of anything, because hang you out to dry before the ink on the accusation report is dry".
Some schools have no male teachers at all, in an environment when male teachers may be the only male role model for a lot of children from broken homes.
Gotta love how the Minister didn't plan on actually changing anything to protect future male teachers, from false and malicious claims, just that men need to ignore the risks.

Anonymous said...

We probably do need teachers. We don't need them to be overwhelmingly female.