Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hey! Shoot That Kid! He's Escaping the Plantation!

Uh oh!


Anonymous said...

Lol, look at the comments on his videos from libtrolls. Pains him that he's already better at speaking without a teleprompter than Obama or crazy Al.

One troll on his Obama video even had the audacity to say he has a "lot to learn". Yes, maybe his hawkish rhetoric is a bit much, but no, I'm truly sick of leftists trying to teach the youth that financial success is a crap shoot in order to justify their existence.

'Reality' Doug said...

That teen would be a better president than the one we got. I hope he does not get psycho abused so as to destroy his apparently brilliant potential. The Unibomber was a potential protege until the 'experiment'. Piss on Henry Murray and his sponsors.

Robert What? said...

Uh oh. Time for the Democrats to revive their Fugitive Slave Law