Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Academic Composition is HIRING

From Alex.

Thank you, all, for your continued support. We certainly would not be where we are without you. 

The Fall semester is right around the corner and mid-terms are about a month away. 

Hence, we need your help to capitalize on the upcoming high-season. Once again, we're looking for marketers.

To get started, please follow these three simple instructions.

  1. Set up a new gmail account with your initials in the title of the email address
  2. Edit the forwarding features to ensure that all incoming emails are re-directed to
  3. Use that new gmail account to set up a craigslist account
Once you're done, email us at and we'll walk you through the rest.

The way it works is incredibly simple. We'll send you the ads to post and you'll post them. Then, people will respond and we'll pay you $5 for each person who will reply. In the high season, most of our marketers average around 8 leads per week. That's $40 for less than 5 minutes of work!
Aleksey Bashtavenko
Academic Composition
Owner & Principal Writer
(540) 300-1253

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